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I have moved to a cottage with overgrown pyrocanthus.  I don't want to wait until birds are nesting in it to prune it well back.  Can I do it now?  I know it may stop the bloom and berries this year, but it is 8 ft tall and suffocating roses on the same trellis.


I'd agree with Edd and would also suggest you take a long hard look at it ( or any overgrown shrub) before pruning. I know it's everygreen but try to establish where the main branches/ stems are before you start. Try to work out which will be best left in place, albeit trimmed.  Once you do start, stop frequently, stand back and look again to make sure you're taking out the right amount . You can always go back and prune again, but once it's cut, you can't stick it back. 

Give yourself enough time and take it slowly and you'll be fine.

Thanks very much for these suggestions.  It's been neglected for years and needs a good sort out!

Here, here!  these comments have given me courage to tame my lofty 'shrub'!

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