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That sort of pot plants eh.  Inspector stacey on the job.


Do we get to see a pic of the bumper delivery?

Ain't sayin any more!  Except I now,think they were tomatoes. you think I will be standing around with my camera.  I'll be ripping open the box like a demon.  I expect they,will all have flowers to an extent but they will be regarded as plants for 2014.  (maybe broke next year but at least I'll have my plants)


Sorry, I meant a pic once you have opened the parcel, wrapping tossed to one side. Bet you're a nightmare at pass the parcel 

Wot, you're meant to PASS the parcel?  I always win at that


Stacey Docherty

has it been delivered?has it been delivered?has it been delivered?has it been delivered?has it been delivered?has it been delivered?

Not yet, not yet, not yet.  Ha ha

Bought bare root wallflowers this morning.....wet at mo but will get them planted by the end of the day.  I always plant out in my veg patch first to grow on,and then plant in their final positions during late,autumn or even in winter.  (can lift with good tight rootball then so,they don't notice a thing)

Have my plants come yet? Ill check again in two mins


As long as they didn't try to deliver while you were out . . . . . 

Stacey Docherty

oooooo yeah panda then we will have the reorder saga!!!!! COME ON VERDUN..... UPDATE

Well, they've arrived. Yippee!  Hurriedly unpacked.....mostly in 9cm pots but excellent quality ...and potted on into 15 cm pots and left outside in the drizzle.  Look good and will grow some more over next 4 to 6 weeks.  Will keep in conservatory until next march when I will pop into 1 litre pots.  Got them now for next year.  including agastaches sunset.....lovely orangey flowers still on this one, fiesta, heatwave and others

Peeps just arrived.  Wanted to plant wallflowers I got this morn.....damnation!


Ditto Gardengirl! Piccies please 

Nothing to see except the Agas sunset...may take one of this. Think I'm hooked on the agastaches now....have 8 to 10 varieties I guess and like them all so the new ones today will provide excitement for next year.  Always nice to see new plants in your own garden.

Maybe Tom for sunshine for next few days


I was planning on planting out my new plants ( all 1 or 2 litre pots) in the beds this weekend - i thought autumn planting was a good idea?? They are all hardy.

I overwinter newly planted up bareroots, and babies grown from seed this spring in the GH - but i haven't got room for a load of big pots too.

Am i doing the right thing?

Hello chicky.  Matter of personal choice I guess depending on what plants,you have.  1 or 2 litre is good size ...what plants are they?  Well, conditions are near ideal for planting, warm moist soil so if they are hardy maybe go for it.  

Even tho it's mild here I often pot on and grow on to plant out large plants in the spring.  They make new growth earlier than they do in the ground that's all.  

Thanks verdun - they are hemerocallis, thalictrum, eupatorium and japanese anemones ( including the elusive WS!!)

Bought a couple of agastache black adder earlier in the year and have put one in the ground and left one in a pot to bring inside for the winter. Will see how they do - have loads of cuttings which have also taken and will be kept inside.

Yes they should all be fine.  Theyre all plants i would plant out too.  Got eupatorium chocolate last summer.  Amazing growth rate.  I would be inclined to cover black adder with straw in November


I know they're not your favourites, Verdun, but I got a message that 660 tulip bulbs had been despatched on Monday and I'm like you with the anticipation!  They are mixed, so the first thing I'll be doing is commandeering the dining table to sort them out as well as I can.  I've done this pretty successfully before as each type tends to have a slightly different colour or shaped bulb.  I even do this with mixed seeds with the help of a magnifying glass and a toothpick!   While my garden is very 'cottagey', I do think some grouping of plants improves the effect quite dramatically.