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Can we follow your bulbs progress Bob? Will you post pics? I need the excitement!


Just checked and can't track them by the internet, unfortunately, Panda but I'll certainly post a pic or two when they arrive.


Boo to lack of tracking, hurrah for the promise of pictures!! 


Parcel tracking seems very exciting,feel I should order something to take part 


it only works when they keep the  parcels together.  I signed for one parcel, only to be told that the entire order had been delivered. The other parcel arrived from the same company three hours later (different driver).



Definitely Gilly. I have ordered loads of stuff but have not had any 'on it's way' emails yet 

Bob - the vision of you with a toothpick and magnifying glass has brought a smile to my face !!

Don't need emails to check tracking .....usually you can simply check against tracking number. Yes,  it is quite exciting.  Got some underwear on order too...will check on that as I have a vested interest.  .......good eh?  

Pleeease ! There is another thread for comments like that .....

Cheeky chicky


Verdun, you're a bugger! I'm never quite sure whether I'm 'tracking' your messages for really good advice, a bit of fun, or a good p***take! Whichever, on whatever thread, they're always worth a read, and possibly half the reason I've been staying up nights to catch up on the forum. Saw your early garden pics. Not quite my taste but gorgeeous nonetheless, and will always use any of the advice that I find on here from you, whenever I can see a serious bit! You keep promising more pics. when can we see them? Pleeeeese?



I guess, gardenjeannie, I do all of that.  Try to help with advice but, of course, we all have different views n experiences.  Admit I do take the mickey too......sometimes life is bit too serious, even pompous now n then and I can't resist stirring a little 

I do have a variety in my garden though. Got "cottage garden" style in parts......for example, outside kitchen window it's quite informal  right now with,loads of colour but when it's over the "structure" returns.  it's easy that same area I have some 20 large hellebores that then do their thing, plus astilbes and astrantias that just aren't seen right now.  Easy maintenance and I guess this what I try to convey, viz., that when one season's interest is over another is already in place to replace it with minimal work...!!?  Newbies can, maybe, see that gardening is not all hard work.

Taking pics is not really my thing.....I do it spontaneously with a little embarrassment  but I realise on the forum it's good to share what we do and how we grow stuff and compare experiences.  Over weekend will see what I can post

So, gardenjeannie.....I'm a b..............!    Ha ha.  See, I take mischievous delight in the agitation.   Have good day jeannie


Thanks, Verdun.  I'm working towards more structure and yr round interest in my own garden, with different types of garden in different areas. Was never into 'decorative' gardening before, just veg, so shrubs, trees, floweres etc are newish to me. I'm forever digging up, moving and cahnging things. Maybe one day I'll get the effects I want and be able to just sit down and admire my garden! Flowers are even creeping into my greenhouse now!  Especially fuchsias as I've discovered a bit of an obsession for growing standards. I have a couple of twisted stem ones that I did 3 yrs ago, and have some lovely ones with twisted and crossed stems coming on nicely.  Have done a bi-colour too. Can't wait to start developing the heads nxt yr!


Start with the structure jeannie so that you have a backdrop for everything else. If you do a section of your garden at a time it makes it less of a chore but you might want a hedge or a repeat of a nice feature shrub right round the garden (depending on the size etc) so it may be worth getting that in place first, then do a border or area at a time as the aspect will change and that determines what you grow. Taking time to prepare an area is time well spent. You can make borders bigger in time if you get the bug and can't resist plants of all types!

Never had great success with standard fuschias......few years back I had one trained beautifully.  Then strong winds in the summer broke the stem. Frustrating.  Didn't think to support it....what a plonker when I look back!  Currently growing one with intention of it flowering next year. Gardenjeannie,  I think it's because fuschias grow so easily down here that they aren't valued so me, anyway.  Familiarity breeding contempt?  But they are beautiful plants.  

"decorative" plants are addictive.   You will want more and more and...................



Ordered two identical printer ink cartridges - one arrived Friday of last week from the Midands, the other arrived yesterday from Belgium   Does life get any more exciting than that? 


I'm waiting for parcel. Broke the shower screen runners, you know the little wheels they glide on. Cost a fortune to replace...boring.!!!!!

Stacey Docherty

Verd just read the rest of this thread ..... Pants again!!!! Lol u gotta do pics!!!! Lmao you need to get a knicker planter

I say.....have you dared to offend me Stacey?  Dont you know who I my own mind?    Must say the chilli farm sounds intriguing.  

Only prob getting more plants and keeping in pots is where do I keep them(?).  Already got temporary shelf to put in conservatory, got GH .....albeit a small, hexagonal one.....and  will erect a small polytunel over spare part of veg patch to protect plants.  Fleece too to cover hardier stuff to keep off pests etc And all the tender perennials have gotten pretty big.  Will split some of them and pot up these. 

Will be ordering daffs, allium purple sensation, and lilies so the qqqqqqqqqqqquite exciting factor will continue

Stacey Docherty

How thrilling ... Offend no me  Ur obsession with pants is sooooo funny... It's my lottery dream would love x5 poly tunnels grow them, sell them and related products like my chilli sauce ... Have fiestas etc oh come on my numbers ...... Don't talk to me about bulbs have soooo many to plant gotta get my finger out