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Thank you FG. biggest prob is the money to buy the plants I want.  Need more evergreens etc. I've already got the bug badly. Have always had a houseful of houseplants, as used to be itnterior gardener. Got some lovely cymbidiums and a large Beaucarnea that was my present from work when I went on maternity leave 11 yrs ago. Borders are already growing every year. The lawn is getting smaller and smaller! I need 10 acres and a massive GH!

My exciting orders are two I did on T&M last night with my tesco vouchers and promo vouchers

 Ordered £90 worth of plants n seeds and paid only £22. WEEEHEEEEEEE! Free P&P too!

Excited my 200 spring bulbs came today the ones from gw mag look great could not track them

just ordering a long handled bulb planter now, not sure if I can track it 


got a pic yet Verdun? are you tracking your other bulb order

Well, I'm qqqqqqqqquite excited right now.  Sun is out and it's lovely

Well been tracking parcel it should be coming today me quite excited  it is in the van


Has it arrived yet GG?...........


My parcel has arrived

what do you think this is?



Bulb planter by any chance Ggirl!

it is a long handled bulb planter, how could you tell?


Nice one Ggirl.  I love my hand held one - gets used for lots of things other than bulbs too, but could really do with a long handled one too - less knee bending the better!

My bulbs still not here!

Emailed them, got redirected to another email address and eventually got a reply that there'd been a problem..  Well, *that* much I already knew, thank you!   Now supposed to be here by tomorrow.  We shall see..

Definitely buying from a supplier who does tracking next time.


Bob- I got mine from The Bulb Shop online and I'm very pleased with what's arrived. Delivery company were excellent too. I emailed them to say so as I seem to have done nothing in the last 6 months but email companies to complain! They had a tracking system which worked too.


Thanks FG - will definitely try them for my next batch.


Look what turned up for me today - had totally forgot they were coming!

As is often the way, I am finding, there are no onward potting instructions  So. . . . do I pot on or plant out? They are helibores in 9cm pots. Don't want to mess these little beauties up!



Hiya 4thPanda.

Well, they won't flower next sprimg.  You are looking for them to make growth. I would pot up Imto 1 litre pots.  Think John innes is best. ,water well.  Leave outside in sheltered spot.  

Next spring ....late or early summer...look to see if growth is good. ,if it is pot on into 2 litre pots.  I would then plant out at the end of next summer

What varieties are they ?  



Thanks Verd. Will update varieties when I get home 


So, am back from Guides. Luckily I kept the magazine I ordered them from  On your advice though I think they might have told a little fib in their advert . . . apparently they are 'garden ready potted plants'! 

I have 3 doubles, Peppermint Ice, Onyx Odyssey and Sparkling Diamond (dark pink, nearly black and white) and 3 'free' singles, Golden Sunrise, Painted and Cherry Blossom (greeny pink, purple and white, and darkish pink).

I will hunt through my pot collection for 1 litre pots - must have some! 


I'm not keen on the black one, but then I don't like black flowers in general, but i love the others.


Thanks Fidget. Looks like I'm going to have to be patient for them  Still the pleasure is in the waiting  

Hmmm....thought about buying black hellebore this winter but not sure.  Still might.....aiming for one in 3 litre pot .  Maybe corny, but I think I would surround it with snowdrops, white daffs and a foreground of blue corydalis.  Black is not an easy colour to assimilate....e.g. Ophiopogon is on its own now in terracotta pot because it never looked quite right wherever I planted it in the garden.  ( mind you, the "black" hellebore is more a dark, dark inky colour)