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Hi, I am going to have a go at doing a few raised bed for some veggies and i wondered what your thoughts were on top soil? As i am quiet new to all of this i didnt realise i would have a choice in the type of soil to go for, Topsoil Screened,  Double Screened Topsoil or Topsoil As Dug... why purse would like to go for the price of the topsoil as dug but as i will only be buying this once would it make much of a differnce if i went for one of the screened top soils?



I would go for Topsoil Screened - it won't be full of big stones, chunks of wood, lumps of clay and even some weed roots, which might be in the 'As Dug' grade, but might have some very small stones in it which won't be a problem in a veg patch - might even improve drainage.

Double screened isn't necessary for growing veg, but if you were sowing a Bowling Green that's exactly what you'd need. 

When I filled my raised veggie beds I used half topsoil and half well-rotted farmyard manure - I've been very happy with the results.

Thanks for your quick reply dovefromavbove, i want to get it ordered tomorrow so will take your advice

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