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Sorry if this has been asked before but Monty keeps using a very impressive looking rake in the veg garden on GW does anybody know what it is and where I can buy one?? Thanks in advance.

he probably has them hand made by unicorns 


Mike spoke about this type of rake a few days ago but i cant remember the post it was on. it looks like a double bladed razor blade with prongs going down. If that helps any one.

Edit: is it this?



Orchid Lady

I was wondering the same thing Richard, but wouldn't pay that for one.  I'm struggling to justify £16 on a new border spade as OH broke it digging up a Privet root!!


OL, if its a wooden handle one and the spade is ok you can get replacement handles for around £6.

Steve 309

I saw one of those the other day, Richard.  Plastic handle/shaft and blade rivetted on, so the joint's only as strong as the plastic around it.  OK for light digging in sandy soil I should think, but unlikely to do heavy duty.


Here is the rake.


Still not sure where you would get one or what is wrong with a normal one.



Try and understand David K, it is called emulating.......then they can tell the world that we have Montys' tool

Scott Edwards

Whilst I find it difficult to understand why anyone would want a blue shirt like Monty's the rake does look like it might be useful.

David K wrote (see)

I could pee meself laughing at these 'I wanna blue jacket like Monty' and 'I wanna rake like Monty.....I suppose it does illustrate the influence TV has over people.

The trouble with forums I suppose? I saw something I thought looked useful so I asked a question. Thanks for the useful answers but no thanks for the sarcasm. Guess it's not the place for friendly questions. Steve 309 yes the quality is not the best on the ??5.00 spade but we have just turned two our two allotments with heavy clay soil and it's doing fine.



You found the rake you wanted then!!!! What did it cost? LOL

Kind Regards LOL.

Edd. LOL?

ps. Have you told Richard who started the thread?

Do me a favour and grow something! please!

No harm intended, just a bit of fun.


Yes, it was me Mike. I remembered your TRUE-LUTE thread and it struck in my brain as it sounded very similar. I think this its a mix between the two and i will stick with one or the other if you do not mind. You carnt beat perfection or polish a turd as they say. We know what we like and is good to use