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Sorry if this has been asked before but Monty keeps using a very impressive looking rake in the veg garden on GW does anybody know what it is and where I can buy one?? Thanks in advance.

he probably has them hand made by unicorns 

Orchid Lady

I was wondering the same thing Richard, but wouldn't pay that for one.  I'm struggling to justify £16 on a new border spade as OH broke it digging up a Privet root!!



OL, if its a wooden handle one and the spade is ok you can get replacement handles for around £6.

Steve 309

I saw one of those the other day, Richard.  Plastic handle/shaft and blade rivetted on, so the joint's only as strong as the plastic around it.  OK for light digging in sandy soil I should think, but unlikely to do heavy duty.


Try and understand David K, it is called emulating.......then they can tell the world that we have Montys' tool

Scott Edwards

Whilst I find it difficult to understand why anyone would want a blue shirt like Monty's the rake does look like it might be useful.

David K wrote (see)

I could pee meself laughing at these 'I wanna blue jacket like Monty' and 'I wanna rake like Monty.....I suppose it does illustrate the influence TV has over people.

The trouble with forums I suppose? I saw something I thought looked useful so I asked a question. Thanks for the useful answers but no thanks for the sarcasm. Guess it's not the place for friendly questions. Steve 309 yes the quality is not the best on the ??5.00 spade but we have just turned two our two allotments with heavy clay soil and it's doing fine.

David  I think that's a little unfair - whatever your views about MD as the GW presenter, it is well-known that he has taken principled stands regarding what he will advocate on the programme - threatening to quit immediately when the BBC tried to insist that he promoted non-organic methods.  

I think it would be out of character for him to adopt 'product placement' to line his pocket ........ unless you have evidence to the contrary?

There are many people on TV whose manner/methods/personality I find less than appealing -  however I would not publicly accuse them of skull-duggery simply because of this. 

Orchid Lady

Am I the only person on here that actually likes Monty and Nigel?  He just explains things so easily and in such an understanding way.  I must admit I was quite impressed with his rake too and wondered where I could get one, it made raking the veg patch look so much easier than normal 



Dove, I think David was making a pun on 'rake-off' not having a dig at Monty?!

I'm with you, OL, I like Monty - not over technical and he's very passionate about what he does.  Being a dog person I like Nigel too! 

If it was a choice of Chris Beardshaw, Joe Swift or Monty as presenter I'd pick Monty every day of the week.


I wear a blue jacket like Montys when I'm driving the steam engines - fantastic bits of kit they protect you from the scalding oil wonderfully and stop the wind wiping up your back which is always a bonus. Can't see them being a fashion icon though of course you never know if people on here are asking questions for the sake of a fancy dress up and perhaps don't always appreciate our sometimes terribly crude "sense of humour".

The rake does look good, although I guess a programme spent surveying blisters from cheap handles and back ache would not be the most enjoyable half hour so it pays to use the best if you can afford it - perhaps a little out of manys price range which would explain the bitterness. Envy is a terrible terrible thing - I should know. I do so suffer it when Dove posts up a picture of a cake (or maybe that's gluttony... or both!)