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I have a raised wooden veggie patch and it is full of red ants. I don't like to use chemicals in there as it has veg growing in there and I am not keen on using chemicals unless I really have too. Any ideas please? The bed is about 4ft x 6ft and is sitting on the ground, with an open bottom onto the garden soil. 

Ants do not like wet conditions so try giving the bed a soaking.

They've been enjoying the relative warmth and dryness of the raised bed as it will have been drier than the wet ground we've had all winter.  It's one of the reasons that they love rockeries too.

 As iGrow says, they don't like the damp, so regular watering will encourage them to move on and find somewhere more comfortable. 


My mother always used boiling water on ants in the garden, but I guess it would not be too good for the soil.



Do they do any harm? 

 I really am against killing anything just because it is in the  way.

I don't like killing things either lindylou333, so I am trying the extra watering method, in the hopes it will move them on and hopefully the extra water wont rot my veg. Thanks all.

Singing Gardener

Don't use boiling water if you have things growing there! You'd think this would be obvious but I had to discover the hard way.....

Oh poor singing gardener, sorry had to laugh 

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