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hello, im looking to plant red robin in wooden trough 1m by 30 and 30 cm

the idea for a bit of screening and to break it a bit I was thinking of English lavender

im really novice

is it good idea , how they do in troughs

any help please



I think Red Robin needs to be planted in the ground - it grows into a small tree-size - your trough really wouldn't be deep enough

Tell us more about your garden, the trough and what you want to screen.


Hello it is patio it is 3.5 m I was planning on using three troughs
The back of the planter will be the metal fence

Red robin will not do well in a trough.  

How about a camelia? evergreens lovely evergreen with spring flowers but needs to be planted where it does not get the morning sun.  

Lavendars would grow there in those troughs but these need plenty of sun.


what type of camellia is reliable, and give relatively dense coverage

Jo Rock

We have just built some raised beds 5m long by 1 m wide and we are also looking to grow a privacy screen. I went to a garden fayre last weekend and asked their advise they suggested to plant Red Robin or Laurel and to plant 3 shrubs to a meter(so I will need 15 in my 5m bed). I also want to plant lavender in front and they said these would grow well together.

Hope this helps

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