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I have quite a pile of old GW mags which can be very useful. The problem is that when I want to find a feature or an article which I know is in a previous edition I can spend a lot of time searching for it - I know its somewhere in there but where?  What would be really useful is a fully indexed guide to features, articles and information that previous copies of GW mags contain.  Does anyone know if such a thing exists - either online or hard copy. Thanks for any help you can provide.  CharlieNI


I was thinking the very same thought just the other day!

I know RHS produce an Index for their monthly mag "The Garden".  This is something we need for Gardening World.


In the mean time you could cut out all the index pages, note on them which month and year they are for and file them for easy perusal to take you to the article you want.



If I see something I know I will want in the future I put a sticky label on the front, write the page no. and the name of article. That way I can get rid of old ones I no longer need without going through them all again.

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