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My father was a Captain (but not at first) in the Royal Engineers in Burma. He didn't talk about it much, was probably awful. But he used to say how great the gurkhas were. My mother was a Wren and worked in Bletchley Park, then in Ceylon, decoding. She, obviously, didn't talk about it either.

Woodgreen wonderoy makes a good point. If they had known 100 years ago what was to come, I wonder if it would have made any difference. The fact that boys and girls are still dying fighting tyranny around the world suggests not. I grow my poppies every year in memory of an uncle who went to the front in 1914 and never came back and my Dad who went to sea in 1939 and did make it home.

I'll be proud to keep the silence on the 11th. 


absolutely, ivyhouse its a very proud day.  I have some poppy seedlings growing on at the mo for next year. I'm planning on using alot in pots/baskets and give out to family & friends for planting out to mark WW1. I hope everyone has poppys out next year.

My father's only cruise was on the Queen Mary,left Southampton to Suez via Cape Town.Has never had desire for a cruise since.



I shall be with my son at his school on Sunday as they hold a Remembrance Sunday service every year which is very moving I even told the old headmaster last year how I was swollen with pride to be part of his service It's was very moving as all the children read at least 4 names of a fallen one from the village and school but it was done in a way that it was moving around the chapel for example one name read at the front then as soon as that name was read another name was read from the back and then side to side.  

Wear your poppy with pride, the young men and women may have fallen but they will never be forgotten also to the family’s you gave so much I thank you for my freedom.




Clueless you've made my eyes fill up. Hope this years school service is as good.

Thinking of my little sister Barbara, and all those others killed in conflict - rest in peace.

Just finished watching the Remembrance festival on TV.  Very touching and emotional. It touches us all some how, some way. 

The potty gardener

I remember years ago being afraid of how the children in school was act during the two minute silence on the eleventh. I used to teach in a somewhat rough school- No child ever was anything but respectful during the two minutes.

There are times when people surprise us for the better

Sorry, but whilst I will be respecting the 2 minute silence it is a personal choice and I don't believe it is for me, or anybody else, to tell others what to do.

star gaze lily

Will be thinking of a lot of people today, but especially my Dad.


KT53 On the threads I follow I haven't seen anyone telling me what to do. On today of all days it's good to know that we are able do our own thing. 

KEF.  I agree totally with you.  Remembrance Sunday is about our freedom to act as we want to

I think I have been in a "remembering" mood all day, not because,of a two minute silence or because I have to be.  mostly I'm aware of close ones no longer here but it's a respect for everybody who has lost someone


Wonderful service in dunfermline this morning. Four brothers of mine have and currently are serving in the army. I go to these services and thank god that they are all still here. Its the only time of year I know where they all are. At a service somewhere around Scotland. 


I watched the Parade on the BBC today and must admit it brought tears to my eyes to see all those hundreds of service men/women march past the Cenotaph, not to mention all the wounded. I think it's marvelous that the British remember this every year and I realise how very lucky we were to have escaped these terrible times!


 This is the Thiepval Memorial in N. France. It remembers those who never returned from the Battle of the Somme in 1916 and who have no known grave, Amongst the tens of thousands of names is that of my Great Uncle, aged 21

We are the only members of the family to have been in a position to visit it, but this is not my picture.

flowering rose

 such  a moving service and the silence was perfect.

Secret Squirrel

What is everyone doing next year to mark 100 years of the start of WW1. I have bought a packet of Flanders Poppies from Thomson and Morgan, a donation from the sale went to the British Legion.

I intend to plant them in the back garden borders, but want to make a display out the front. any ideas what I can plant with the poppies to compliment them?