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Highland Jeannie

Both of my parents served in the last war & Remembrance Sunday was always a bit poignant when I was growing up, especially when it fell on the 10th. It was the day that my father died, & Mum was expecting me. As the years passed she couldn't really "forget" the day as there was always the reminder, it was also her birthday on the 12th.


I'm not going to say a word but this is how I felt yesterday



To see all the young adults respect a day they've only read in history brings a tear on my heart and soul



star gaze lily

CG,  What a beautiful picture, it says everything. 

Highland Jeannie

Wonderful picture Clueless, very evocative.  I'm very keen on back-lit photos, did you take it??



Sadly no Jeannie 

but I did have to look up evocative before I could answer your question LOL


Nice one James

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