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We call that advertising Jenny and it's rather frowned upon if not paid for 

We're pretty much self sufficient with help and advice here though, thank you

Oh, advertising, I didn't think of that! off course how silly. I am new to this gardeners world website. Well they were a local company who did some fantastic work in my garden, I think the gardener who manages the website is a retired lecturer as when I first approached them they were extremely helpful, just thought one good deed deserves another  I will have to test people soon on some questions if I have any problems in my garden  


You're most welcome Jenny. There's a lot of us with an enormous amount of knowledge between us.


Fire away Jenny, loads of very knowledgeable people on this forum


oh goody I am so pleased I am surrounded by garden experts. Ok when I am pottering around my garden and need some advise I will jump on here and fire away, how does everyone become so knowledgable, there just seems to be so much to learn on one plant and there are thousands of them!!


How does everyone become so knowledgeable?

We don't all know everything but we know a lot between us. Lots of specialist knowledge on various aspects of gardening. 

and some of us have been around for a few years 

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