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Paul Anderson

I just read that in Feb is the time to feed established fruit trees and bushes by sprinkling potash rich fertiliser around the base to get them ready for the growing season. 

When it says fruit bushes, does this also refer to raspberries etc or is that not a fruit bush?


Raspberries are a fruit bush. I don't grow them but have had a look and moved a thread back up for you.

Look at the top of the thread and it says related article. This piece explains about different rapsberries, needing different care depending on when they fruit. Hope it helps.

Paul Anderson

Thats great thank you KEF


How do you move threads back up??


Just post a message on them, or say Bump or Ping! 



Raspberries are fruit bushes and they need feeding in Spring. I give mine organic fertiliser in March and mulch with rotted manure.

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