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Now's got to be non googled

Thought it was a baby....crawling then standing but can't work out the 3 legs......yet!

( we can talk about this tho can't we to work it out?) 

........maybe gettiNg  old and using a walking stick? 


nearly there Verdun I will give you it baby,man.old man (walking stick)


From Bob Hope many moons ago


Hey.......I win    Prize James?  Can I have that double black hellebore in a 5 litre pot please?  

Love this thread



its is the beginning of existence and the end of time, its the beginning of everything and the end of space, what am i?

The letter e? 


did you google that V?

Mrs g........I did not.   Not even tempted.  Just a spontaneous flash of light. it prob is not the answer bein g too obvious  No, I will keep my word.  Will not google anything.  Only just discovered you can google almost anything.....wish I had google during my exams years back 

Honestly James.  Dont google.  Spotted that one from the off.  

Have to put my thinking hat on now and make something up.  Used to love the lateral thinkIng re riddles...........



This is an old one so most will know it.

Brothers and Sisters I have none but this man's father is my father's son.

Who is the man?


star gaze lily

Me! Well not  actually me but, oh you know what I mean lol.

its ME 



Your turn Lily   

or Verdun since I pinched your turn...or anyone's turn

It's me, get it? 

star gaze lily

There were five men going to church when it started to rain. The four that ran got wet and the one that stood still stayed dry   

He had the umbrella ?

He stayed under the tree?