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Thanks nutcutlet! Got an old stone wall with a sluice gate planned for construction soon!

Verdun, glad it's not only me I can't help myself thinking of the next thing, drives my wife mad!! LOL

I then get so wrapped up in it I end up on here researching and chatting and then can't sleep!!... I'm invariably oh here until gone midnight and then up for work at 5am!!

Mad isn't it?

Just had a delivery of a Rowen Tree, Apple Tree and some wildlife shrubs for my native wildlife hedge so that should keep me busy this weekend!!




Thanks higgy

Thanks higgy that is what I was looking for,

Perfect for the size I had in mind.




No worries Danny, glad it was of some use.

There must be others on here who have pictures of their rockeries?

I forgot to mention that all the rock used in my rockery was completely free from 'free to collector' type ads and 'wanted' messages that I posted at work. It's amazing how many people have a pile of old rocks that they want rid of. So if you are looking at a similar sized rockery you will need at least three times the amount of of these beauties...

That would be a lot of money so definitely worth considering the free ads and posting wanted ads route I reckon?...




So that's where my wall went 



You're probably seeing that I love recycling and being creative with reclaimed materials now!

What is one man's waste.....


otnorot but just call me Bill

Dovefromabove thank you,now I know how to post pictures on here.I was using Photobucket and it didn't work.Your a life saver.


otnorot but just call me Bill

Higgy 50 that is great work,I really like your bridge.I put my rockery in 50 years ago and in that time most of the rocks have disappeared under growth.


sal 4

Good evening,,

I would like to change our rockery as i find that the way it is at moment is difficult to weed.

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You will probably get a better response if you start a new thread and add some photos and more info about soil, aspect and what you want from it, so you get more helpful answers.

Some of us just love pottering around our little alpines weeding and admiring, but we know that is not everyone's cup of tea!

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