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Hi everyone.  Does anyone know what rocket salad leaves should taste like?  I recently sowed some seeds of rocket & had a lovely crop.  I tasted it when it was quite short & when it had grown much taller & it was quite bitter.  I've now consigned it to the compost bin.  Thanks for any help.

Rocket does ( or should) have a pleasant sharp peppery taste.  There are various types sold but that "fresh" tang should apply to all of them.

With many varieties, it is best to use the young leaves only but, like anything else edible, people's tastes vary enormously.   


flowering rose

peppery lovely in a salad of mixed leaves .

Eaten straight off the plant under the guise of "collecting" stuff for a salad



They can get a bit stronger and a more sharp if the plant starts bolting and many people don't like the taste but I don't mind it at all. I grow wild rocket and love it in with other salad leaves - same as flowering rose 

I agree flowering rose.  I seem to remember when I grew rocket before that it was peppery which I liked.  Couldn't understand this time.  I've now sown a winter mixture that I sounds good.


I think even a lot of reputable seed companies are selling seeds which are not true. I bought a well-known tomato seed meant to be cherry sized. Some plants have produced correctly but some are like golf balls! All growing in the same pots side by side so same watering and feeding etc. I am growing rocket but at the moment the seedlings look like clover!

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