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are you looking for something to flower with the roses or something for before/after the roses?


Hi David, you could plant low growing bulbs - tete a tete daffs, snowdrops, crocus for early spring before roses start.  Low growing hardy geraniums - wargrave pink or Roxanne.  Alchemilla mollis is very tolerant but be careful of it self seeding everywhere, euonymus can be kept well trimmed to create a low edge.


Hi, Dove, I just saw this post from David and had the exact same thought. We seem to keep meeting on the same threads!

David, most things flower to reproduce, but we can use that fact to prolong or prevent flowering, or to encourage the growth that we want.  Lavender, Rosemary or Bay (not laurel, sometimes advertised as bay) , the cooking kind, will find the latin name for you shortly if I don't remember it before I finish this post, could all make nice hedges around your roses. From your other posts and that you mention box, I assume that you want a fairly neat, regimented hedge around the perimeter.

Box is very slow growing, so expensive to buy decent sized plants . Lavender, as Dove suggests can make a great low hedge. I have one of of my own that is taller than I would like, but it was planted before I moved here and had never been trimmed before. It is about 18" high to top of foliage, and the flowers sit higher by about 6". It atracts so many insects that it could only  be good for your roses. In my experience, people who love roses tend to grow them exclusively, so that insect populations and diseases build up. A hedge will help. Lavender, Rosemary, Bay and others will grow more quickly than box,  and will give some protection aganst common rose problems.

I am hitting my pit now,I'm knackered, but will try to get on again tomorrow to explain more. 


Hi   the name you're thinking of is Laurus nobilis.

Whatever are you doing up that early on a Monday morning (you don't have to tell us)!



Dwarf hebes- 'Nana buxifolia' or 'Emerald Globe' will give you a look of box but naturally grow in a ball shape without requiring lots of trimming and clipping. Flowers are white/lilac on buxifolia and attract bees but the structure is the main thing. Both stay small too. I've used them many times instead of box.

I'm doing a similar thing and will use a mix of lavender and box for the headging.  Going to try my own box cuttings from existing plants to save cash (and get plenty of them.  What roses did you choose - I havent ordered any yet so may have to wait until next year and get the hedging going in thee meantime!


That's the one, Dove. Not early, late!. It's this flippin forum. Time dissappears when I'm on it, there's so much to read!



..for non-flowering foliage colour I use Stachys lanata 'Silver Carpet', this runs along the edges of my rose border...

...I mix with Geranium 'Cambridge'.. mauve flowers over a long season during June/July....

...perhaps something like these might interest you...?

gardenjeannie wrote (see)

That's the one, Dove. Not early, late!. It's this flippin forum. Time dissappears when I'm on it, there's so much to read!


I can't stay awake past 9pm 


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