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Adele Wheeler

Hello There,

As i have said in my personal info, i have just bought mt first house and i am new to the gardening scene.

In my garden i have found this beautiful rose tree, at least i think it is a rose tree, and i have fallen in love.

Can someone tell me what she is and how to keep her beautiful please. Thanks in advance.





It looks as if there's a label on the stem - is it legible?  Does it give the variety name?

Adele Wheeler


It just says 'Rose Tree' doesnt give a variety name, Thanks


Does it have a strong fragrance? I have a Bush Rose called 'Warm Wishes' I am about to plant in my new garden and it looks very similar. Looked it up tonight on the RHS website to see where to plant it etc. and it also comes in a standard. It is very fragrant and I agree very beautiful.

If not I agree with Dovefromabove david austin roses is a brilliant site to look for ro.

 rose information. Good Luck.



Patio Rose tree


You're right Mike - when you zoom in there's definitely more on that label ... 

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