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Is it possible to grow a Rosemary hedge, I would like l in my front garden. My father has a massive overgrown Rosemary which is about 6' would I be able to take cuttings and when is the best time.

What a fragrant idea

Oh so I won't b able to start till later in the year, I would like a hedge started before. I have been in my house over a year, it has taken nearly that long to sort it, as don't think last Ppl liked gardening at all.

Yes it would work

Another option is artemisia absinthium......think that's correct.....commonly known as lads love, boys love. Etc.  it's an aromatic erect semi evergreen shrub.  Lovely old fashioned thing.  Popular down here 



Artemisia only grows max, 3' and is poisonous, though very fragrant and pretty. Also it is recommended that it is cut back hard once a year, which would make your hedge very small.


Eve- in another month or two the GCs ,nurseries and DIY stores will be full of  3" pots of rosemary for very little money. They grow on quite quickly if you get them into a properly prepared area. Bob's right about the good drainage so as long as you can give them a sunny site with plenty of that they'll do well. I also got some 6" pots last year in a B&M store - 3 for a fiver- so if you have one of them nearby it's worth a look. 


I have one and it is great as only comment I would make it to watch out because they can become leggy if you don't keep them prunned

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