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Bindweed from a neighbouring garden has wrapped itself around my pampas grass - I've tried pulling the weed out but its difficult and very unkind to hands and takes forever; my vocabulary has however benefitted from the exercise.   Is Round up gel a good option?   I've not used Round up in any form and would appreciate your advice.

Many thanks,


What I'd do is get either the gel or spray, stick the bindweed in a bucket and use a paintbrush to treat it. That way, you can target the weed, but not have to worry about the product getting onto the pampas. Keep it in the bucket for a day or two. Roundup is brilliant for me, I tend to use the spray, although I have the gel as well. You will notice die-back within a week

We use Revolva which only comes as a spray though.  Similar to Round up or Weedol but you can actually see it working within an hour or so!


You can buy it concentrated to dilute down, Ally. Most GCs and places like B&Q sell it. Far better than any other weedkillers. 


Many thanks for your replies - I've wound the bindweed around a cane and applied  the spray; here's hoping!

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