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Has anyone else had trouble with Miracle Gro fruit and veg grobags?  3 varieties of tomatoes grown from seed and planted in Westland and Miracle Gro bags and given identical treatment/watering.

Miracle gro plants are a third the size of Westland, pale and weak looking, never had this problem with any other types of grobags.  These plants are useless and should be chucked out.  I'm afraid that all sorts of rubbish is going into bags now following the reduction of peat.

Photo available.

Compost seems to have been a major issue this year, it seems that most brands arent up to scratch

It sounds daft but most people using grow bags for tomato's cut the hole then put a bottomless six or eight inch planter on top with good compost in it. The plant goes in the top planter, the water roots go down into the grow bag and the feed roots stay in the planter which can be topped up from time to time. I do away with the grow bag and plant straight into 12 inch pots only half filling the pot, as the plant grows I top up the pot until when in full fruit the pot is almost full. That feeds the plant but using a small measure of Tomorite in each can of water gives added feed when the fruit is set. The reason for never using grow bags was a total disaster many years ago and the loss of the full crop, so this is not a new problem, I said never again.


I think they got it right years ago, planting in the soil and lots of horse muck

I wouldnt ever use grow bags, any make. While you fiddling about with loosening thier soil amd putting pots on top, you may as well grow them in buckets in the first place,  You make a good mix of compost,  rotted manure and some garden soil for firmness.

Grow bags are not deep enough on their own, best thing if you must use them is to cut then in half and stand on their ends.(the bags, not you!)


i brought a 2 bays and i agree total rubbish , every where you go you get offered this peat free compost and is all rubbish lumpy fall of plastic bits and bobs as a growing medium is a waste of space, ive mixed mine with the contents of my compost bin

and shall use it next spring in my rose bed.

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