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Bunny ...
I see there have been a few comments around on this lately , I know we all pay different council tax prices (I have NO idea what we pay for ) ..
Fortnight alternative weeks
Black bin all rubbish but in bin , odd bag taken ...if smiled at
Green bin (2) have to pay for 2 nd ..all garden stuff. Recycle day of tins/cans /bottles (don't use recycle box as never got one and they don't take plastic or cardboard...collect own in utility in crates and take locally .

I have no rubbish collection, it's optional, if needs be there are places which would let you leave 2 black bags for €6 In town with a family you probably would need a bin collection from one of several services.

For me it's simple enough burn or recycle glass can go in glass recycle bins and cans in another everything is washed out so no stinky rubbish. I eat fresh or frozen generally so recycling only comes round every couple of months. I also prep and freeze vegetables. Get them out of the sweaty plastic as soon as possible. Simple for me. Heating is usually wood blocks cut by chainsaw and chopped with an axe. Currently my cottage has a pretty inefficient open fire by next winter there will be a cast iron woodburning stove in it's place.


Bunny ...
Completely different again blackest , if I had to take rubbish to town it's 20miles so 40miles round trip . Although same council, closer to town completely different collection .

It's around 10 miles to town and 30 to the city for me, but I have to get shopping anyway so it's no real bother to put the little i gather into the boot of my car. (honestly I use around a carrier bag full of cans and I have only needed to recycle twice since july).

If I head for cork then shopping would be part of that trip rather than going out specially.  You'd probably like my electric bills i use about 2 kw electricity a day in summer and currently 4 kw in winter/ spring.  It helps my fridge and freezer are A++ rated. Lights cfl 10 watts, netbook typically 12 watts Tv/sat is around a 100 watt but i try to avoid too much of that sort of thing more interesting things to do. I want to get a solar water heating project on the go. 


No option here, don't own a car so have to rely on council collections, its glass, plastic, tins/cans, foodwaste & landfill week 1, then its paper/card, cardboard & green waste i.e. garden waste on week 2 (but they only collect garden waste from 1st week in April - Oct). Although, we haven't had our paper bin collected for 6 weeks now, it's due this weds coming and if they don't take it this time then I will either burn it all in the street or just put it into land fill.


Gardening Grandma

Rubbish collection is in crisis, really. Councils, under pressure to save money, reduce the number of collections and make charges. They have spent money on recycling systems, only to find that there is nowhere much to recycle stuff now that the Chinese are not taking as much. People who can't be bothered to sort their rubbish or who won't pay for services resort to illegal dumping. It seems to me that the answer is really - as blackest has exemplified - greater simplicity of lifestyle. I'm taking your example to heart, blackest!


I know this isn't about rubbish collection in the UK, but I thought you might be interested how things work here. All supermarkets have bins at the exit to dispose of excess packing and most have a large container to dispose of plastic bottles (PET). In our village, newspapers (bundled) are collected every two months, the proceeds go to the local school sports fund. A recycle yard next to the local primary school is open for 2 hours on Wed. evenings (in summer) and Sat. afternoons, where you can deposit glass in a skip, sorted by white, brown and green, and skips for metal, aluminium and carton. Rubbish collection is once a week either in wheely bins or black rubbish bags (both need a label stuck on them which can be bought at the local shops, the price depends on the size of the bag/wheely bin). Garden waste every Mon. morning (labels here too). Twice a year in spring and autumn you can order an industrial shredder to come by to shred larger garden waste such as branches etc. This is free of charge (well, I guess we've paid for it in the local taxes). We use the shredded material to mulch the flower beds.

Well, I hope I haven't bored everyone to death, just thought you might be interested.

Paul Derby

I guess we have a lot to learn in this country

Caz W

We are provided with black bags (refuse), green bags (cans, glass, paper, card, tin foil) and pink bags (plastic), a small and large green caddy (food waste) with biodegradable bin liners and 2 large white bags for garden waste (collected right throughout the year) . Week 1 is black bag/pink bag/green caddy and week 2 is green bags/garden waste/green caddy.

It's a brilliant system - I'm really pleased that I've reduced my refuse to 1 black bag a month



Ordinary refuse once a week-this is guaranteed for the next 5 years -thanks to a grant from somewhere

Recycling once a fornight

Green waste is just about to be charged for-which is probably a fairer system -not all use it-once a fortnight

Tip is 5 minutes away

The recycling thing here has been handled very poorly by the council - for many years after the advent of wheelie-bins we were told that although almost everyone else had them, those of us who live down this lane could not.  The reason was said to be that the lane is too narrow for the lorry.  So, whilst others had their wheelie bins, we still had to leave our waste stuff out on the lane in plastic bags - by 7 am on collection day - and the bags were, of course, raided by foxes and crows/magpies etc long before the council lorry got anywhere near.  Recycled stuff (not glass) was collected on alternate weeks.  We had to take any glass either to a bottle bank or to the local tip ourselves.  Three years ago the council suddenly changed its mind and, although the lorry was the same one and the lane the same width, we were supplied with three wheelie bins per property.  This time we were able to recycle glass too, and this was collected on alternate weeks.

All seemed to be going fine - until last year when it was announced that Everything Was Going to be Changed.  The council said they would collect and recycle the old bins (which to date they have not) and would issue each household with a new wheelie bin, two lidded re-cycling boxes and a "caddy" for waste food which - they say - is going to be turned into bio-fuel.  They won't now allow us to put plastic bags in the re-cycling bins, nor dark-coloured plastic food trays - even though they have the "recyclable"  symbol.  So, I have to take plastic bags "to the nearest large supermarket" but I can recycle (via the new system) mobile phones, computer printer ink cartridges and spectacles.  Some idiot somewhere in the council offices presumably thinks I have loads of those items to recycle each week and don't have any recyclable plastic bags at all..........


So - I now have four wheelie bins, two re-cycling boxes and a "caddy".  My council tax has gone up again.  Wonder why................

We get two wheelie bins, a food caddie for indoors, food bin for outdoors and two recycle boxes, one black the other green. Our collection is each week, 1st week it's non-recyclables and second week it's recyclables. Council won't collect from garden but will return boxes to the garden, I've aquired 6 green boxes and seem to get everyone's lids left in my garden, presumably this is because my house is the first on the road. I'm running out of uses for them, 2 - I save leaf mulch in and am considering growing spuds in the others, I'm happy to give them back but they just keep giving me more

Our council are keen to fine, the one time I forgot to bring my bin in, there was a letter stuck on top the following day to say I faced a £60 fine if it was left out again. 

Interestingly, there was an article in our local paper recently saying most of our recycle stuff goes in land fill because we haven't got the facilities to recycle it.     


Simples here.  10 or more years ago the local council announced that they woul dbe giving out transparent blue bags into which we should put PMC - plastic bottles, tetra pak cartons and tins - and they would be collected for free.  At the same time, each household would be issued with a bar coded wheelie bin and every time we put it out to be emptied it would be weighed and scanned and we would be charged accordingly.  It really worked and recycling is now an automatic habit for the vast majority.  Now we just pay a flat rate for rubbish removal but it hasn't gone up in years.

Papers and cardboard are collected once a month, the blue bags every 2 weeks and wheelie bins as often as we put them out as there's a weekly collection.   Our council encourages people with gardens to make compost bins and offers classes in compost making but also allows garden waste to be taken to the container park for composting.  They will collect from any home with no transport.   They also come round every 3 months for large objects that don't fit in cars such as old furniture and mattresses.

There are bottle banks next to every cemetery - on the grounds that you can't wake the dead with late night bottle smashing - and the container park has sections for electrical goods, batteries, chemicals, plastics, packaging, plant pots, car oils, kitchen oils, medicines and so on.   All part of teh service for residents but a scale of fees for commercial users and people who live elsewhere.  We have to produce our ID card when we go.

Old household appliances have to be taken away by the people supplying the new one and we pay a €20 fee with every purchase of a new fridge or washing machine to cover the cost of safe dumping and recycling.

I completely agree that rubbish collection is a big problem these days.The better option will be to find out ways to recycle this.


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