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I am desolate - I have been growing runner beans in large pots for many years with no bother. Now, though, many flowers have dropped from the unusually long stems and it looks as if I may not get any beans at all.  What has happened?

I think it maybe the heat, you'd be surprises how quickly plants dry out and then they get stressed, don't fruit and have spindly stems. Not your fault, we're not used to this kind of heat I'm afraid they don't sound as though they're salvagable.

Not quite Mahwah.

Beams are difficult in pots and in this heat almost impossible.  You need to water well, spray daily amd,Iin very strong sun I would try and fleece them


Give them a good soak. dont feed. If it cools off a bit then they will carry on trying to flower and form seed pods.

Look, maybe we could all send a bean each to Mahwah.....or join me as the phantom gardener and leave beans there


Thanks, folks.  Yes, I think I should have taken more care - like spraying and even fleecing.  I suppose that, because I'd had no bother for twelve years (!), I thought they'd always come good.  Thanks to my old man giving a hand, they've been really well watered, sometimes twice a day.  Ah well.....If we have a heatwave next year, I'll be ready. But meanwhile, NO BEANS... Boo Hoo 

Thanks for your input, Verdun!

Woodgreen wonderboy

My beans in pots are prolific and earlier than those sown at same time in ground. The "secret" is watering with hose every day.  Fine spraying with hose under the flowers is supposed to help setting. Start now and plants will flower probably towards the top of plant.  

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