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I was really disappointed to see Monty Don's shallot harvest this evening - which was pitiful.   My harvest this year for onions and shallots was bountiful and I wonder when we are going to see a veg only programme which truly shows the growing capabilities of this nation!!!.

Each week I wait patiently for the flower section to be over - and wait so see the veg news and advice - but sadly Monty, my crops remain more bountiful and better than those of Gardeners; World  - I remain despondent!!! 


Why are you despondent if your crops are better?

You should be rejoicing.

Lots of stuff online if you just want to specialise in veg. Also go to the local shows where you will see an abundance of top quality veg and pick up advice.

What did make me laugh was the banana tree at 'only' £90 

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