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I have had this for about four years now.  It is in a large pot and a sunny position as was suggested when I bought it.  It looks fairly healthy and is about 2' tall.  However, apart from the first year I have had very few flowers and those are all white.  Any suggestions?

star gaze lily

I have had mine for about three years, but mine is in the ground. It has got quite big and I have been lucky to have had flowers. Do you think it has possibly outgrown the pot or have you watered it enough especially as we have had such a good summer.


My favourite plant (well one of them). mine has given a show of flowers from spring and is still flowering, although never a 'profusion, more a frothy display. I gather it up and tie loosely at the bottom which holds a better shape. Also have you tried cutting it back in stages, like the Chelsea Chop, but several throughout the spring and summer to help it keep producing more flowers.


If it's in a pot it will need regular feeding.  Try giving it liquid tomaos feed once a week next year.  i had one in fertile soil in aborder and it grew to 4' in one season and was covered in flowers.  Not hardy enough for my garden though and did not survive winter so watch out for very cold weather being forecast and put some fleece on yours if needs be.


I have a Salvia Hot Lips and mine is in the ground, I've had it for 3 years. I bought it at the Eden Project in Cornwall. I cut it back every Spring then just leave it to do its job. It is still flowering now. If I were you, I would get it out of the pot and plant it in the ground then just sit back and enjoy.



Mine is 4 to 5 feet tall from  a hard spring cut......back right to the ground.

Pretty hardy shrub. Mine had red flowers in spring.   Now it has all white flowers.  In summer it had red and white flowers, hence hot lips.


So, should I chop mine down now or in the spring? Bought it off the market and I'm sure she said Autumn.

I have tried both Autumn and spring pruning and found that a good tidy up in the Autum to prevent damage from wind etc, and then a really good haircut in spring seems to work for mine.

I then give it a good haircut after the first flush of flowers have gone over and within 2-4 wks it is back flowering fully with red and white. It looks a little cruel like other things ie geraium, but it comes back strong, less floppy and as I say loads of full colour flowering, but mine also is in the ground but I do feed it well with comfrey feed, which is high in potash, but a foliage feed in the spring.


Dont think it really matters unless you get very cold winters,when you prune.  However agree with Margaret ....reduce height somewhat in autumn and then hard in spring. It is a microphylla type, I think, which is pretty tough.

I have been growing this,plant for few years now...prob got it,when it wasn't well known.  Cuttings taken now,will still "take". 


Thanks Margaret & Verd 

Thank you everyone for your advice.  I can't put it in the garden as we only have a patio but it is in a very big pot and there are no signs of roots growing through the bottom.  I think a trim now and then in about late March followed by tomato fertiliser may help.

the leaves of my hot lips have blacky, brownish and are sticky.  Can anyone give me any help as to what i should do.


I've just bought this plant.  I was going to grow it in a pot but it sounds as if it needs to go in the ground.  If it's anything like other shrubs of this type it will need regular pruning to stop it taking over.  I shall take some cuttings and try them in different situations and see where it likes to grow best.  


Its an easy, tough shrub.  Sunshine is best and free draining soil.

Cuttings are easy....taken now or during the summer...will root quickly and provide flowering plants for next year.    Cut back in spring.....I do it in autumn here.  

Its an odd produces white flowers, then red then red and white according to the season.  

Mine are very much better now I've moved them from pots into good garden soil. I love them! Cuttings placed in water two weeks ago are now developing little roots....


Victoria Sponge

Mine flowered red first this year and is just starting to get hot lip flowers. I quite like how it does that although I don't remember it doing that when I first got it.

Can I take cuttings from a well established "Hotlips" now?  & how do I cut it - just below a leaf joint? And do I root it in a glass of water first, or straight into Innes seed compost (or other?) .

also, which is best soil for my sweet pea plugs (for large pots, to grow on cones)? They are ready to plant- out now.  



Hi there i have had my hot lips a few years now, first year flowered great then wen it lost its flowers i actually forgotten what plant it was until i admired it in someones elses garden and it reminded me that i did buy one and that that must be it as leaves same last year we planted out into ground as no flowers appeared..still no flowers this year just leaves and branches spreading out wide...i have never pruned it i am assuming now after reading this that perhaps that is my answer? although i have always feed it tomato fed in ground and wen in pot too. thank you

mine was in the ground and flowered for 2 years but this year it has done nothing. It has no leaves or floweres. Do I throw it out?

The plant make white flowers when really hot I brought mine and that is what the man said I did have the red and white flowers now, white it is the heat that does that