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Hi all

Last year someone sent me these seeds and I now have 30+ seedlings. Cannot find any info online about them. Is it because whoever sent them meant unidentified flowering object lol.

Please any info on hardiness, colour etc would be great!


Hello addict, good to see you.

Salvia UFO are mine and I've failed to ID them for years. Many good brains of very knowledgeable plantspeople have worked on this  to no effect so far.

Mine are failing and something ate the seedlings so when you get some seeds can I have some please

They're hardy, a very pretty mauve, 3 foot tall and don't like it too dry.


Thankyou thought they might be yours.

So me looking for UFO was pointless then lol. I have spread the to speak and they are now growing in most of my gardens so will happily return seed when I get some.

I do lurk here quite often just don't post much as don't have time to follow conversation. I am ridiculously busy...not complaining! 

I think the Polemonium I have grown came from you too? Took longer but looking good now x




Is that the yellow Polemonium brandegeei? 


Yes! Sorry very very very very late reply 



Hi Addict

I like that polemonium. Not exciting but pleasing in a quiet way


Bit like me  



Hi Are you still after UFO seeds? If so can you message me your address again. Thanks 


Hi addict, good to hear from you.

Yes please to seed, they've all gone now

I think they need better soil than I gave them first time round.

I will PM you


They grew so well in all the gardens I planted them in and all my ladies loved them. Best combination was with blood red hollyhocks. Looked stunning.

They will be winging their way back to you asap 


Lovely, thank you. They were beautiful but not pleased with me. I find the next ones a better home


They've arrived, thank you addict. Enough to sow some now and some in spring

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