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Hi there, can anyone help? I have had house plants for years but still class myself as a novice. I recently bought aschefflera aschefflerahouse plant (my favourite of all house plants) it is about 2 feet tall and single stem. Anyway, my little boy upon having a tantrum decided he would grab the top of the plant and pulled off one Vance and damaged the very tip where the new shoots were growing. One branch has continued to grow fine but I haven't noticed any change in the very tip of the plant where new branches grow. Does anyone know if it will recover and continue to grow or has my poor plant had its life cut short? 

flowering rose

wait and see,it might recover ,no harm in seeing before you discard it.


It'll probably bush out from lower down and you'll get a lovely bush plant now - it seems the apprentice gardener is learning about pruning 

Haha indeed he is!! Thank you, will give it some tlc and see what happens!  


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