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Are any of you gardeners from Scotland.  I live in Southern Europe but would like to subscribe to a Scottish Gardeners' World for someone living in Aberdeen. Does such a magazine exist.  Down here in the Med our gardens (unless watered) are dormant. Our gardens come back to life when it starts raining, normally November.


Are you planning on living in aberdeen?

 A magazine for aberdonian gardeners seems a bit specialised. Not sure what use it would be if you live in Southern europe.

I am not planning on living in Aberdeen, it is too cold.  I want to send a Gardeners World subscription to someone who does live there.  But Gardeners World seems very general.  Surely planting times and suitable plants for both ends of the UK are not the same.  I am looking for a Scottish Gardening Magazine.


Beechgrove Garden is from Aberdeen and they have a website with free information and factsheets. It is shown across the K and Europe (including Erewash on BBC)

You can sign your friend up to the monthly factsheet:

Gardenersworld magazine is centred around England tbh - but that is where most people in the UK live.


I'm in  Scotland but never heard  of one either Jill - sorry!


Many thanks to blairs and Fairygirl for your help, I will suggest he looks at the Beechgrove Garden.

I to am in Scotland orgianlly from Aberdeen myself but not seen any.

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