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In my settings there's a thing called scrapbook for saving GW mag articles which is so far unused. Does anyone know if I can save other things to this?

Edd's piece on mealworms for a start. People have given me instructions before and I think I'll be able to find the appropriate thread but I never can

Orchid Lady

I don't know the answer Nutcutlet, but would be interested to find out too as people have given me advice on plant ideas and ID of plants etc and it would be good to save them somewhere.

Can anyone help us? 

hollie hock

I've only managed to store the articles on here into my scrapbook. I do know what you mean nut.

In the past I've cut and pasted advice from the threads into either notepad or into a word document and labelled it as such


I can (have) cut and pasted but thought I might have found a use for the scrapbook. A magazine article just gives one person's opinion. We get different ways of looking at things on the forum.


I agree Nut, I thought the scrapbook could be used to keep one post of interest but it wasn't possible so I gave up. I'd like to refer back to plants which have been recommended or to advice given which I could check back to at a later date.


I have just discovered the 'Followed threads' button (der...) which is useful for checking back on useful posts.

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone.

You can use the Scrapbook tool to bookmark projects, videos, features, blogs and plant profiles around the site. Just look for the 'paper and scissors' icon next the page title, near the top of the screen - please see graphic below. Clicking this will add a link to your Scrapbook, which you can access from the dropdown menu that appears when you click your username, top right-hand corner of the screen.

 Daniel Haynes

hollie hock

None taken Edd

Totally agree that the scrapbook function would be a great way of keeping threads that are of interest to us. I know when I started out all the info on propagation would have been really useful to keep and refer back to.

I also find the copy and paste approach a bit tedious so don't do that anymore. I did suggest this some time ago but don't think it was possible so have given up using  the scrap book all together.



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