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Heather Michaels

Good afternoon everyone,

I've just spent another wadge of time just trawling through the posts on here and I have to say that I'm just so in awe of you all. I see there are some very experienced gardeners on here who seem to have all of the answers, and so quickly! You're all amazing and I know that any time I get stuck (which trust me is going to be an awful lot) you'll all be on hand with invaluable help and advice. I'm enjoying gardening more than I ever thought I would but I'm not so great at it! And as for identifying anything or suggesting if it's friend or foe, or where it should or shouldn't grow *sigh* maybe one day! That said, I haven't killed anything (though I'm sure there will be lots of opportunity!) and my garden is looking healthier than when we moved in just under a year ago. Only problem is its rented we don't own. How I wish we did. Have to be a little careful what I do and of course spending a lot isn't wise but if I keep chipping away at it I think I'll have a garden to be reasonably proud of - with all of your help and expertise of course! Heather. I've gotta get me a catchy screen name! xx


try to get cuttings from friends .that spread and will flower year after year .

I have gardened for many years Heather,but only became involved with this website last week, and I too am amazed at how helpful,friendly and informative everyone is.
i have learnt, and in fact been reminded, so much with all the comments it has already become a part of my day.

Good luck with your garden, and I too need a catchy screen name.

Heather Michaels

Thanks Archiepem. To our complete surprise come spring this year, our barren dead looking bank of "mud" around the patio in the back garden came to life, so we do thankfully have an element of perennials out back (assuming perennials is the right term!) which is helping an awful lot, its out of control to say the least, and one plant in particular (yellow flowering Lysimachia, can't remember the exact name) certainly likes to take over however its pretty enough and fills a space. Hopefully when it starts to come up next spring, now I know what it is, I can try to tame it a bit. Several places do need planting however so I will aim for cuttings I think. I've paid out a bit for some plants for the front but obviously big jobs and endless payout isn't going to be the way to go. x


Heather Michaels

Hi Margaret7, good to meet you. This site is fantastic isn't it, I love it. Happy gardening x



Hi Heather and Margaret, 


Hi ladies  

You could start a thread if you're looking for name suggestions  - but beware- you might get a few cheeky ones 


Hello H & M  Fairly new here myself. 

Margaret seeds are wonderful things too and so readily available. Ask neighbours for those too. Most will be more than willing to share.

Heather Michaels

Hi nutcutlet and fairygirl. Now yours are names I've seen on here a lot, you guys know your stuff! Great to meet you.;

A thread for a name......I might give it a go and I think I might be able to cope with the odd cheeky suggestion

Addict - another name I recognise! Good to know you. Def going to get some seeds, especially for the veg patch, which as we speak is 7 feet high in bramles and goodness alone knows what else. That's my next challenge!


Hi Heather. I know if its rented you will not want to go to the expense of a proper greenhouse. But at the moment little poly greenhouses are being sold off cheap in asda and tesco. I have one from Lidl i bought as an overflow for hardening off seedlings. last year I took on next doors garden and turned the dog run into a flower patch. it won't last long, but its useful for cuttings and seedlings to amass plants for filling a big space cheaply. Most people will let you have a cutting or two off of plants. I usually go for 6 cuttings, as if you have one it's sure to die. If you have six they all take and you have 5 for swaps and giveaways.

Just poked my head in on the forum....busy thinking of lots to welcome to heather and margaret.  

I think it is a friendly forum here, quite relaxed, jokey at times, some of them talk about cake...just to wind me up...but, although I'm pretty "seasoned" as a gardener I've learnt a lot too from the guys/gals here.


Hi Heather and Margaret, I've not been on her that long but I tend to check in a couple of times a day - I work as a gardener and this site is invaluable for advice.  I could do with a better screen name as well. 


PaulaH You are a gardener by trade too   Think I tried to look at your profile before but comp said no and just kept telling me about me lol x


Hi HeatherM & Margaret7. I've only been around a few months. Thought as I'd grown veg for years I knew loads, but still learning from forum members. I used to say only flower I was interested in was cauliflower, but I'm now dead keen after reading and seeing lovely things on the forum. Do have a good number of shrubs, most came as cuttings and cadges.

Have a view at Gallery 2013 thread & Summer has arrived thread, some fantastic gardens / projects and pics. Don't be daunted, I was at first, but now just so inspired and more than a tad green

Have a look at Good morning Forkers and Good evening threads, that's where we chat, talk about stuff including cake, and tease Verdun (ace plantsman)...Verd can  I have cake now ? 

Heather Michaels

Big thank you to addict, KEF, PaulaH, Verdun and fidgetbones for all of your input and well, just for talking to me really! Some really good advice being given and I'm grateful for all of it. Have a great rest of the day, speak soon. x



Hi H and M, welcome. Cuttings are a great option from those you know especially if they will get them big enough so you don't need to get a greenhouse ( think someone else said about the small plastic  covered ones), and you can plant straight in the garden. If you were to get pots it would be good too so you can take them with you if you move house (ask the potty gardener, who would also give advice on new names!) what size garden do you have and what kind of plants do you prefer?

Enjoy the forum but especially enjoy your gardens.


Sorry H , just read your profile n can see you have a fab plot n no intention to.move. Silly me. Pots still good though. X

The potty gardener

Hi Heather and Margaret. As to names it is sometimes nice to know people as their actual name but most people don't use it. I used to be on here under my real name but have reciently changed it... I first changed it to the lone gardener but so many people said that sounded too sad. As I have a paved garden the potty gardener seemed apt- though some suggested some other very funny names.

My real hope is that someday I may be able to tell someone what the plant they are asking about is called. If ever I do know then at least four people get to name it before I get to see it

I'm afraid that many of us spend far too long on this forum. It is our online family as I think it was Fairygirl said. 

Yes, you may be right potty.  It's become a habit for me now.  Enjoy it a lot and it's so relaxing to discuss gardening....and other matters....with such nice people.  I don't spend too long though but it is second nature to "eavesdrop" on a regular basis.  


And a very nice family it is too pg 

Heather - I have a couple of the plastic growhouses - got them for a tenner each  in Asda and I'm enjoying the crop of tomatoes which are growing well in there just now. Definitely worth having and great for seeds and cuttings etc. As fidget says, even if it doesn't last very long, think of the saving if you grow some plants and edibles yourself compared to forking out for bigger plants at a GCentre. 

Don't be fooled by Verdun's modesty (he's not usually modest -he must be trying to impress you ) he's a real expert on all sorts of stuff, especially cake..err ...I mean hellebores and heucheras and grasses.

If you need anything identified he's great at that too along with nutcutlet, PaulaH and Dove among many others.