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What do I do with the seeds I've collected now they are, well I think are dry

I’ve only got a small amount some Dahlias just in case my tubers don’t make it through the winter and some of those edible plants I can never remember the name big leafs with a pixy hat looking flower the seed look like dried walnuts got it Nasturtium bright Red but the caterpillars really enjoyed these as well any tips on keeping the little buggers of the plant also would be a great help.

I’ve put the seeds into small brown bags but do you put them in the fridge over the winter?


Also can anyone tell me the sowing instructions for the Dahlias please?





I don't put them in the fridge James, dahlias and nasturtium certainly germinate OK after a winter in a dry cupboard. I don't keep them in a hot place. Just cool house room.

I don't really like the idea of mixing seeds and food. I know a lot of mine aren't safe to eat


Anywhere cool and dry CG - no need to use the fridge.  Paper bags are perfect.  If any of them need stratificationm sow them now and bung them outside in a coldframe/cold GH or sheltered by a house wall etc. to keep the rain off.  Quite a few seeds need to go through a cold spell before they'll germinate, or will have a better germination rate if they do.


Ok thank you Nutcutlet and bob 

I did read some were that open packets of seeds should be stored in the fridge so you can see were I got the fridge thing from



Some people do store them in the fridge I believe. If my seeds didn't germinate I would look at my storage methods but they do. A lot are already set as Bob suggests above. Another lot to go in mid winter, then some in spring.



The ones that I save for spring are in paper bags / envelopes in a big plastic box with a lid . Stored under the stairs where it is cool / quite cold.


Thank you for the advice nutcutlet and KEF

see I am clueless

hollie hock

I use the cheap brown paper money envelopes and am putting them in a dark cool cupboard. First year of proper seed collecting


I use the return envelopes that come with junk mail, ok if you remember to label them.they are then stored in a Roses tin.


You won't have a problem germinating dahlias James


The only thing i would say about dahlias is that they do not come true from seed. You will however get all sorts of different colours some of which will be lovely

i have dahlias grown from seed from seed many times and they have made fair sized tuber for next year.

I agree, you get a large plant very quickly


I did notice they are a very greedy plant needing lots of water throughout the year 

Is it true the Spanish used to eat them when they where first discovered




I have some seed collection questions specifically about runner beans:

I planted runner beans plants this year (don't know the variety) and had a very successful harvest; so I would like to grow next year's beans from from the seed of this year's successful plants.

Two or three weeks ago, well after the plants had stopped producing any beans that were good enough to eat, I collected in some of the best looking pods for the seeds for next year's plants.

  1. How early should the pods be removed from the plants? I took some off a month ago and some last week when I took up the finished plants.
  2. When should the beans be removed from the pod? I have taken a few out just to inspect them - they do not yet have a hard, glossy dark 'skin' yet but are still white and tender.
  3. Should they be dried in the pod i.e. until the pod itself goes dry?
  4. Will they dry more effectively to the familiar glossy dark 'skin' outside the pod?
  5. When and how should I plant these for next year? ie in the ground, or started off in pots?

 You need to set aside some good pods early on and let them mature on the vine til the the end of the season

Yours won't turn into mature, dried beans now, Sorry Birdy




Thanks for the info Nut.

Live and learn!  



I find an endless supply of things to learn Birdy


Just as you think you've lived long enough to learn everything, you start forgetting it all  

Or so Ma tells me