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Sara4 No we were in Yorkshire. I think we just had BBC & ITV at that time.

What about Dr. Finley's casebook, with Janet.

GillyL wrote (see)

Was it really 1961? can,t think how I remembered that I would only have been 5.Was the Rag Trade the one where someone shouted "everybody out"?

How about Emergengy Ward Ten? with Richard Chamberlain I think.

Apparently there was a second version of the Rag Trade between 1977 and 1978, with a different cast, didn't see that though.

Woodgreen wonderboy

GillyL , Emergency Ward 10 was a British prog. Richard Chamberlain was in an American medical prog. at around the same time, the name of which is eluding me for the moment? Was it called "Doctor *********" " or somesuch?



'Doctor Kildare' Woody 

Not that I remember it of course....

The potty gardener

Just a few more memories

Land of the giants......planet of the apes..............sons and daughters


star gaze lily

Bouquet of barbed wire!   (The first time)


THanks WW and Fairygirl,few crossed wires in my memory I think


Think Verd a lot younger but how about Sacha Distel "raindrops keep falling on my head."

Potty sons & dtrs, was that the Aussie soap with Patricia.? in early / mid 80's .If so I modelled myself on her  

Lily, wouldn't it be lovely for you all if I could post my singing ?  In the car, in the shower and when I am water's edge when the sea is out that's when I think I'm a good singer 

Came out from wizard of Oz panto once and sang at the top of my voice "we've been to see the wizard of oz" to that song. (The multi storey carpark's acoustics reverberated everywhere). Suddenly realised I had a huge appreciative audience... But the children thought it was so funny cos I have a loud unmusical voice.  Hey, it was Christmas 

star gaze lily

Its good to have you back Verdun, you've been missed

Whats that saying Verdun --sing like no one is listening


If you recognise the words when I sing you are in with a chance, tune not a prayer Sounds okay to me though.

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Watching bbc news, Crackerjack is coming back!

Oh, a crackerjack pen or pencil 


just been readin thru half this post i dont no some of these perhaps my age is younger
star gaze lily

And cabbages if you got a question wrong, or was it if you dropped something? 

Nor do I corny, my older sister told me all about them!! 


What age are you Corny? We're all very young here really 

Only 27 myself...or am I 28 now since I've just had a birthday ..

I used to cry at Lassie...


im 19 fairygirl we have a house but it is all grass but I would like lots of flowers for spring so we can hav buttarflys and bees
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I used to cry at little house on the prarie  '

I'm 21 next birthday,