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Sara 4

There was a girl at my school whose surname was Balls.  If that wasn't bad enough, she was called Rosie ....


In the seventies, there was a man who used to come riding where I work called Mr. Tuckey.

His first name was Ken.

I kid you not 


We had a Theresa Green at school.........


sara4.. kaughed out loud at that one.. should have.. but sometimes wish parents would think a little bit more..




Friends son called Digby Knight.

Highland Jeannie

My needlework teacher was Joan Jones. (But she was Mrs)

star gaze lily

I worked with a Teresa Green a few years ago.and my husband once worked with someone called Phil Hill.

star gaze lily

Sorry was just reading through this, it started to jump about, and go off on its own!

Woodgreen wonderboy

I knew someone whose daughter was named Amanda Miranda Randell.

star gaze lily

Bet they had trouble saying that after a few drinks!  

Secret Squirrel

What was that kids prog from the 70's? All the electric stopped and everyone lived like the dark ages. In the end some people found a cave with a giant crystal that turned out to be Merlin! I think

Secret Squirrel

I have found it, I'm confusing two programmes. The programme about the electric stopping is called 'The Changes'

The one about the cave and Merlin, is called the Children of the Stone.



Me neither Mark.

Anyone remember Gilligan's Island ?  Think it was in mid - late 60's. Think Roddy McDowell, very possibly wrong with that, but people shipwrecked on an island, don't remember much of story, but at the end of each episode the escape boat was ready and the "silly one" always managed to blow it up, or wreck it in some way.

star gaze lily

Title rings a bell, but can't remember story line either, perhaps i'm having a senior moment, ---no that can't be right i'm only 21 

star gaze lily

Changes doesn't seem to want to work on my ipad, watched Children of the stones, don't remember it at all. Sorry.