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Highland Jeannie

White Horses!

I bought the single of the theme tune & my Mum & I played it 31 times to get all of the words.  I could just imagine myself cantering along the seashore as I listened to the music......

It may have been in Czech with subtitles?? 

Oh & of course when I got slightly older - Follyfoot!!!  Not forgetting "Steve" Oooooohhh!!! 

Must go & lie down I'm all overcome...

star gaze lily

Sorry Verdun misspelt your name

I remeber willo the wisp, I like little house on the prarie, although it always made me cry. Count duckula, danger mouse, starsky and hutch, the good life and ever decreasing circles and many more!!


Great thread, I have to post now. Being a kid of the 80's I was mad on Teenage mutant hero turtles, They later changed hero to ninja. Even now i still ware TMNT t-shirts. Thundercats was another of my fav's thats my ringtone. Does anyone remember the tv show Grotbags? Pat Sharps mullet on funhouse I always wanted to go on that show, just for the go-carts at the end collecting the tokens of the wall.

Saturday morings watching Going Live with Phillip Schofield, Sarah Greene & Gordon the gopher. Makes me want to be 5 years old and do it all over again.

star gaze lily

Yes Grotbags! and gordon! And Philip Scofield, thats the only reason I watch This Morning!


Lot older than you Zombie !...........I must confess to having liked Watch With Mother when I was younger,in particular Picture Book.

Comedy........It Ain,t Half Hot Mum,Terry and June and Sorry with Ronnie Corbett.

Hope Tea decides To post sometimes on Hello Forkers.Please stay Tea


star gaze lily

I remember a song-- H R Puff and stuff, not sure that was the name of prog as well

star gaze lily

The two Ronnies, Tiswas, Magpie. Playway --- with my boys


OMG what did I miss poor poor tea I will miss her and lew 

I really feel for her we all supported her and I felt we were all helping.

I will be sorry not too hear the out come. tea you are welcome to get in touch via my blog and I could pass messages on to the fourm if you want 

I will also post this message on the other thread where is tea's thread in hope you get this message love you tea and my heart is with you give lew a hug as well from me

James XX

Morning james

Reading your blog with great interest.   Impressive work there 

I have a feeling tea will be back 

Oh, yes Peter Egan, star gaze lily. Martin never stood a chance did he? Such a brilliant funny series.....every  character was funny.

Highland Jennie, white horses tune was a fav of my sister's.....still remember her singing that 

All these are so nostalgic aren't they?  bitter sweet though.........happy and sad all entwined 


Watch with Mother, the Woodentops. Twins Willy & Jenny & Mrs. Scrubitt who helped Mummy in the kitchen & the biggest Spotty dog in all the world. I need to get a life

I used to like Batman, but we weren't allowed to watch it much in case my silly little bro' started playing games and leaping off things. When we did see it I liked Albert, always seemed kind and wise. We don't have a Batwoman or Batman on the forum do we?

star gaze lily

It wasn't just his looks Verdun,  it was his smile and that voice , ---better go off and start the housework! !

my earliest memory is not of T.Vof the radio andLlisten with Mother. I think the storyteller was daphne Oxenford

Highland Jeannie

I used to work in a bank & one day, must be 20 odd years ago, Daphne Oxenford came in to cash a cheque.  I said to her that I had "Listened with Mother" She asked whether I had been sitting comfortably, I confirmed that I had!

(For those too young to have listened, she always started the story with "Are you sitting comfortably children?.........Then I'll begin")


Apparently I used to dance to White Horses too - but can't remember it myself



Think sitting comfortably is ringing bells as did izzy's post.

Think it was on at lunch time before I started attending school .. will ask Mum.

Harping back to even younger I do remember the music but but not the prog' Rawhide. I used to ride my Gee Gee to the opening music ( soz youngsters ) it was a metal thing, looked like a duck on rockers with a seat on it. I was persuaded one morning that now I was a big girl I should give my dummy to the bin man. Did so & come evening I did nothing but cry, even the Gee Gee didn't stop another was bought. So not much changes here then.

star gaze lily

I don't remember petticoat junction,  but remember a film up the junction

star gaze lily

I know you can now get old types of sweets from some shops, but do you remember  cough candy twists, winter mixture, dolly mixtures, clove balls liquorice sticks that looked like twigs?


Lily, Petticote Junction was in the 60's, prob' before you were even a twinkle. Three sisters involved Billy Jo, Bobby Jo, Betty Jo, one was actress Sharon Tate who was a Charles Manson victim. Stepping promptly away from that subject. I loved cough candy twist.


I used to love The Monkeys, had a big crush on Davey Jones (think I was about 6 at the time!!)