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star gaze lily

Yes he was cute, so was David Cassidy.  Marty Pello was even cuter!!

Most of my favourites have been mentioned, Champion the Wonderhorse, Banana Splts, Willo The Wisp.

Didn't see Roobarb & Custard. And wha above Zorro!! More recent one - CRACKERJACK!!!!

Best TV Comedy Dads Army.



Bill and Ben the flower pot men!!


I've got Frankie Lane singing Champion the Wonderhorse as my ringtone 

star gaze lily

Tony Hart with Morph. Black Beauty, Mork and Mindy 

Flying saucers,sherbet dips, crisps with the blue bag of salt in, wagon wheels, potato puffs. 



Does anyone remember crispets?,the last time I found them was in a small sweet shop in Brixham,about 10 years ago,

Have you seen that Open All Hours is making a comeback?.not sure if it is a good idea,programmes are seldom as good as you remember the original.

Star Gaze Lily with you on Marty Pello that smile!! However was a big Donny Osmond fan


out of town . with jack hargreaves

star gaze lily

StillLearning-- his smile, his eyes, his voice,   I could go on & on!!!

Do you mean open all hours with differant people? It will never be the same if so.

Jack Hargreaves? Do you mean Max Bygraves?

star gaze lily

GillyL were  they square or am I thinking of something else? Name rings a bell tho.


no jack hargreaves .. goggle him 

star gaze lily

Oh sorry, just googled,  no sorry not heard of him or prog.

The potty gardener

So many of my favourites already mentioned, I think Jack Hargreaves may only have been shown in the South.

But I am right that waggon wheels used to be much much bigger

I used to love jack Hargreaves, out of town and H.R Puffin stuff


I used to watch it in the north west P G

Blimey, Jack Hargreaves, there a blast from the past.....


out of town and  country boy. was shown in the north 


Lily..I saw David Cassidy live, must have been 1973 / 74  Once at White City in London & then Maine Road ( Man' City FC ground). I soooo loved him. Last time I saw him on Tele I cringed. But still bought his greatest hits C.D ..remembered nearly all the words & bought his Autobiography. I need to get out more

I haven't heard of Jack Hargreaves.

Everything used to be much bigger.I have bought terracotta pots at B & Q over the last few years.Always £1 each year they get smaller and smaller.