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17/10/2013 at 11:16

Yes he was cute, so was David Cassidy.  Marty Pello was even cuter!!

17/10/2013 at 12:09

Most of my favourites have been mentioned, Champion the Wonderhorse, Banana Splts, Willo The Wisp.

Didn't see Roobarb & Custard. And wha above Zorro!! More recent one - CRACKERJACK!!!!

Best TV Comedy Dads Army.


17/10/2013 at 14:37

Bill and Ben the flower pot men!!

17/10/2013 at 14:39

I've got Frankie Lane singing Champion the Wonderhorse as my ringtone 

17/10/2013 at 15:51

Tony Hart with Morph. Black Beauty, Mork and Mindy 

Flying saucers,sherbet dips, crisps with the blue bag of salt in, wagon wheels, potato puffs. 

17/10/2013 at 17:16

Does anyone remember crispets?,the last time I found them was in a small sweet shop in Brixham,about 10 years ago,

Have you seen that Open All Hours is making a comeback?.not sure if it is a good idea,programmes are seldom as good as you remember the original.

17/10/2013 at 17:20

the wooden tops 

17/10/2013 at 17:24

Star Gaze Lily with you on Marty Pello that smile!! However was a big Donny Osmond fan

17/10/2013 at 17:32

out of town . with jack hargreaves

17/10/2013 at 17:56

StillLearning-- his smile, his eyes, his voice,   I could go on & on!!!

Do you mean open all hours with differant people? It will never be the same if so.

Jack Hargreaves? Do you mean Max Bygraves?

17/10/2013 at 17:58

GillyL were  they square or am I thinking of something else? Name rings a bell tho.

17/10/2013 at 17:58

no jack hargreaves .. goggle him 

17/10/2013 at 18:03

Oh sorry, just googled,  no sorry not heard of him or prog.

17/10/2013 at 19:12

So many of my favourites already mentioned, I think Jack Hargreaves may only have been shown in the South.

But I am right that waggon wheels used to be much much bigger

17/10/2013 at 19:12
I used to love jack Hargreaves, out of town and H.R Puffin stuff
17/10/2013 at 19:13
I used to watch it in the north west P G
17/10/2013 at 19:15

Blimey, Jack Hargreaves, there a blast from the past.....

17/10/2013 at 19:18

out of town and  country boy. was shown in the north 

17/10/2013 at 19:20

Lily..I saw David Cassidy live, must have been 1973 / 74  Once at White City in London & then Maine Road ( Man' City FC ground). I soooo loved him. Last time I saw him on Tele I cringed. But still bought his greatest hits C.D ..remembered nearly all the words & bought his Autobiography. I need to get out more

I haven't heard of Jack Hargreaves.

17/10/2013 at 19:20

Everything used to be much bigger.I have bought terracotta pots at B & Q over the last few years.Always £1 each year they get smaller and smaller.

41 to 60 of 281 messages