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star gaze lily

He was on loose women a few months ago,, yes he's not bad  still got that smile and sexy voice  yes its funny that you don't really age inside lol

star gaze lily

Lol  Sara! what is it with these boys!! Did you see it was paul Nicholas? I've just googled him, he's 67 now!


Just Good Friends. I remember the episode when Vince & Penny met up again. He told her he was an accountant and she was well impressed, until he said Turf Accountant.

star gaze lily

Thats a bit weird a message I sent last nite appears again this morning, very spooky.


The potty gardener

so many memories on one thread. New cd out JACKIE something or other. All our teenage idols in one place, David Essex, David Cassidy, Paul Nicholas, Donny Osmond, Bay City Rollers- I actually liked Gary Glitters music but it doesn't seem quite the same now

Anyone remember the likely lads?    Loved that.  And the spike Milligan shows....was it Q8?  

And top of the pops......sorry tainted now by saville ....but it was the must see show. ,juke box jury, dated now of course, but good. 

Sara 4

Charlie November, who is Willow Rosenburg?  And Rogue?

Verdun, I loved the likely lads and Reginald Perrin - and the Liver Birds, and Butterflies with Wendy Craig - I bet lots of people remember that one.


I used to watch The Likely Lads, and Steptoe & Son, but I wasn't a child then. And Top of the Pops, had a crush on George Harrison.


Hey Verdun, do you remember the Goon shows?

Ginagibbs well I remember the ying yang song by spike Milligan.  Thought it smart to record myself singing it for my mobile ringing tone until I was in Morrisons waiting to be served and my phone went off. It was horrible.  Changed if very quickly.

Was the goon show on the radio...vaguely remember it or was it something else like it? 

Rise and fall of Reggie Perrin was brilliant Sara.   

You had a crush on George Harrison busy?  I had a crush on old man steptoe.  

I guess all the womenfolk here are trying to work out ages now We men aren't bothered with such trivia 


Verd, I think you are older than me, but maybe not by much...unless you took to Emma Peel when you were at work. ..Now't wrong with that except they used to shove kids up chimneys and call it work

I think it might be fun to have a thread about how we all imagine each other to look like ..but maybe wait until bad weather when we don't have any gardening and we can have a polite but  silly laugh ??? I'll start it if people fancy it.

star gaze lily

Lol Kef,  that could get dangerous i dare you lol


Mischievous girls!    Well, Adam faith may give me away.  People used to say I looked like him and I hated that.  He's 5' nothing amd I'm 6' plus.  I remember the flower power era, the revolutionary songs and I went to school with Horatio Nelson.  Gosh!  He was a scream.  


Wow, Charlie..I thought I was "up" on my heroes. Respects

Lily if |I do I will need to think carefully. Maybe thread "do you want to play" but it would have to be people who"said" they were picking on folks & I don't know if it can be done....

Example would be:

Bet Verdun is slightly older than me, maybe 4 / 5 yrs, fair, maybe a tint of grey. quite tall, muscular, no fat, regardless of all "cake talk" ....  Over to you Verd.

Lily, don't dare me...that gives you a clue  Discuss later in the year and see if anyone else has any views.


My oldest daughter is obsessed with Marvel superheroes..

Reggie Perrin...brilliant.....I didn't get where I am today...

Kojak. Splendid!

I bet Verdun remembers writing with chalk on a slate at school 




I had said I thought Verdun was younger than me, but now he's said more about what he remembers I'm not so sure!