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On the radio this morn the talk,has been about life changing events in our childhood. ...Viz.programmes on the tv 

For me Casey jones, Popeye and the Magic Roundabout bring back memories.  I even had my own words for Casey.  

On the comedy front Ever Decreasing Circles was brilliant.  I was supposed be like the guy Martin was jealous of....can't remember his name for mo.  

So folks,.....childhood tv and best comedy from the past?



He-Man and She-Ra, Thomas the Tank Engine and re-runs of The Good Life = EPIC


Singing Ringing Tree scarred me for life Verd....

Magic Roundabout - yes - brilliant! The Flintstones and Top Cat 

Two Ronnies, the Good Life, M&W, too many to choose from!


Verdun fun thread

The man from UNCLE was my fav. Closely followed my Mr.Ed the talking horse, every time the wife shouted "Wilber" I used to chuckle. Did like SKIPPY..the bush kangaroo & Flintstones. Land of the Giants, first thing I saw in colour.

Comedy..Sooo I'd say Open All Hours..or maybe not..Steptoe & Son..I could go on and on.



When I was a child we had an old black and white telly that you had to thump to stop the picture going down! Then when I was about 12, wondrous, we got a colour one.

When very small, I liked Bill and Ben the Flower Pot men. Comedy - Topcat, Popeye and Huckleberry Hound. We weren't allowed to watch lots of TV, but Blue Peter had parental approval! I wrote to Pussycat Willem once (shows my age) and Valerie Singleton wrote back.

Then I liked anything with horses in it, like Fury and Champion the Wonder Horse.

When I was older and married I liked the Good Life.


The Banana Splits every saturday morning.

I'm now going to be singing the Tra-La-La song all day

Pottie Pam

I loved Champion the wonder horse too, but I loved Count Duckular and Ivor the Engine when the dragons appeared. Watched the last two with my son.


Hey fairy girl did you see the comedy sketch of Singing Ringing tree by The Fast Show, look it up on Youtube!! so funny!

Space family robinson with Dr Smith and the Robot loved it !


Forgot the fast show. It fuelled silly texts etc .....," today I was mostly eating......"

00000, got to go.  Foodbank beckons!


Lost in Space gina!!  

No I don't think I could look it up - I might have nightmares!!

Today I was hoping to be mostly eating cake....

Instead I've cleaned the wheely bin....I know how to live 


What a brill B/D Fairy.

I'd forgotten about Petticote Junction &  MY Mother the Car.

Was far too old to be watching them but I loved Paddington Bear & Hector's House...excuse is I have a sister 11yrs younger


Oh & don't forget the Beverly Hillbillies.

flowering rose

how about Percy thrower or geoff hamilton.


Does anyone remember Willo The Wisp - loved it, Kenneth Williams did the voices and was brilliant... and The Clangers are coming back - yayayayay, my kids will think i've lost it completely



If the lovely Geoff Hamilton is a childhood memory, flowering rose, then you must be quite young. If only............ he was too young and fit to die.

Sorry to hear of latest development Tea drinker - best wishes for the future.

This Forum is becoming very odd lately. Time to sit back and think about it.

Tea.  Surely you can still post on hello forkers?  Let us know how you are, etc

(I suspect things are going on with tea and neighbours that have taken a turn for the worst.  Nothing to do,with,the forum)

star gaze lily

Verna it was Paul played by Peter Egan. Rather easy on the eye.

star gaze lily

Tea why don't you stay, but change your name