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I hsave an area that is in constant shade due to tree covealr.The area is in focus from the house windows,I would like to know what plants would suit this area for colour and visual attraction.


how big an area, what sort of soilhave you got there?


Deciduous or evergreen trees?

Is it dry as well as shady or is the shade just cast onto the area without affecting the rain?


One thing you can do is raise the crown of your trees to allow in extra light and water.  This simply means removing the lowest branches to expose mor etrunk and then thinning out crossing branches inside the crown to show of fthe structure of branches and let more air flow.

After that, the choice of plants will depend on how exposed your garden is to wind and frosts and the type of soil you have.   If possible, improve teh soil by forking in a good amount of well rotted garden compost and/or manure and then add a thick mulch of teh same stuff for the worms to work in over winter once you've planted and watered.

Plants to consider include hardy geraniums macrorrhizum and phaeum which do well in shade and dry soils, euphorbia amygloides "Purpurea", iris foetidissima, forms of lamium maculatum and vinca minor.

All of these have flowers and some have variegated foliage.  You can look them all up on the RHS Plant Selector - 


I have an area planted with Begonia  grandis it is sometimes May before it get going so you could underplant with small bulbs. It also seeds easily. the border is edged with Hakonecloa which brightens up the area but doesn't like to get too dry.

thanks to all,the soil is on the sandy side and it is fairly dry due to conifer branches overlapping,I have cut them in the past without much improvement.


Conifers suck all the nutrients and moisture out of the soil for quite a distance so make sure you work in plenty of goodness, as suggested above.   removing lower branches will at least allow in more rain and light.

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