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Hi everyone, I have a cherry tomato plant on my Window sill. It's nice and sturdy and is around 12 inches tall. Today I noticed that is flowering. It's in a 9 inch pot. Should I pot it on at this stage? Or should I leave it as it is? I would really appreciate some help

I think they be fine for now in the 9 inch pot. I got some in 4 inch pots about 12 inch tall, they will be planted in the ground probably this weekend.

I am not sure but i be tempted to pinch out the flowers, so the plant gets bigger. I am not sure though, i not all knowledgeable on veg ( well fruit in this case ) but its still  veg to me 

Plant your tomato into the 9 inch plant using good quality compost, I use Erin, don't forget the crocks.

Insert a 160cm cane next to the plant for support.

Definitely do not remove any flowers, water well and feed once the first truss has set as normal.

I've been doing it this way for years with good success.

A massive Thank you for your replies everyone, I'm really grateful for the help ..... I've repotted this morning and they're still looking good

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