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I'm currently recreating my garden, having had it completely cleared last year. I'd like to have some shrubs in containers, preferably evergreen, to put in front of the bedroom windows of my downstairs neighbours, to give us both privacy, while not blocking out their light. Any ideas?

Does bamboo work in containers?


Yes, in fact it is often better in containers than in the open ground where it follows its nature and becomes a thicket. However you'll need strong containers and be prepared to water well and often, especially in warmer weather.

Ilex crenata might be useful also, or something like obelisks with ivy growing up them.

You don't say what the conditions are, Abbie?

It's a paved area of my garden, with the downstairs bedroom windows looking directly into my garden. Reasonably sheltered with sun in the afternoon. I'm looking to give privacy for us both but without blocking out the light for them. Definitely no ivy though, that had become rampant before re I had the garden cleared!



I'd use something like the columnar yews there Abbie. Bamboo can be very hit and miss in containers. You could try Escallonia in containers. Get the biggest containers you can manage though - whatever you plant. Many hedging plants will also grow in containers - Privet certainly will. You'll have to be vigilant with care as C.Rose says though. 

Preferably, build something more substantial like a decent raised bed, so that you have more scope. For a little bit of initial effort, it makes a better growing medium and gives plants a better chance of establishing and growing well. 

Circus clown

I had a tree surgeon over recently to look at my apple tree. I have a rather overgrown Laurel- he said if they are kept under control and pruned well they make good screening.

what about tree lilies


I bought a couple of wooden troughs with trellis for our patio to give some privacy.  Attached a rope in the gap between the two are planted with climbing roses and clematis.  Training the roses go over the rope.  It works well in the summer and the trellis provides some all year screen.  Plus some roses are semi-evergreen.  The most successful rose has been New Dawn.

Thanks guys!

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