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Like two cocks on a muck hill

(that's what Ma would say when my teenage son and his father were arguing)

star gaze lily

As luck would have it.

As pleased as punch.

As happy as larry.

As happy as a sandboy.


What is a sandboy? 

I mean, I know the saying, but .............. 

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Lol not sure, just remembered the saying!  Perhaps its just a boy playing on the sand?? 

Perhaps i'll google it!

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Just googled it   'happy and content, like a child playing on the beach'  

Oh well you live and learn  



Ah bugrit.............. I say this every time the blummin plastic greenhouse blows over. I've just come back from visiting my Dad in Chesterfield, went to lock the chicken coop, spotted the blow-away greenhouse being supported only by the washing line AGAIN, and once again said ah bugrit.......yet another bloomin' job for the morning!

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In one fell swoop.

At ones beck and call.

As cool as cucumber


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Start every day with new hopes,  leave bad memories behind,   and have faith for a better tomorrow.


I'll just have to do it myself then...

when in doubt leave it out

tomorrows another day

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Many hands make light work.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Lost my mojo and probably the best thing since sliced bread would be for me to sleep on a washing line or at least like a log. Night Johnboy.


I'm off to the land of nod, need my beauty sleep cos got a busy day ahead.
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Up the wooden lane to Bedfordshire MrsG  


Asking for the moon

Once in a blue moon

Reach for the moon

Over the moon


I have not heard up the wooden lane for years and years I think that was one of my mum's saying

A evil deed cast's the longest shadow

star gaze lily

You were up with the lark, Dove.

Its the early bird that catches the worm.

Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.