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star gaze lily

Can remember as a child, slightly waking up and seeing 'santa' come in my room and leave my presents at the bottom of my bed, of course it was my dad dressed up, but it was a magical memory. 


My son was gutted when he found out. we had lied to him for years his very words where "you told me not to lie if I had known I would not of ask for so much as I know we can't afford it  " Bless him how ever he still asks for to much


in for a penny in for a pound

go for the hole hog


star gaze lily

Its not just santa we lie about clueless,  there's the fairys at the bottom of the garden and also the tooth fairy! 


Being the oldest with 3 younger siblings, there came a time when Dad told me that they had to pay Father Christmas for the presents so I could only have certain things. I won't mention that we are Yorkshire folks.


No one ever told me, and I'll never admit to my boys 16 and 11.  (sorry too early in the day for putting much effort into a quote!)


star gaze lily

Thought this quote was suitable for the old r****g at work 


My granddad used to say " stand behind a shooter and in front of a sh***er and you'll get neither shot nor sh***en on". He used to work with heavy horses and I think it came from that and a cynicism of the human race.


Just seen this thread, and n0t time to read thro' it all. But I distincly remember asking My Mum whether the Tooth fairy would really want the tooth that had a hole in it. She replied 'What do you think they use for windows in the Fairy Castles?' I even got 10p more for that one! The lies we tell, while telling our kids the consequences of doing the same! My 11 y o is now 'Santa'  to his younger brother. He helps me do 'Santa's' job, from the ordering of the presents, to the wrapping and 'delivery'.  Some lies are ok.

Lisa Massey,bet your Granda was a yorkshireman?  A tighter, more cynical, mocking race of men I have never met. Neither have I met a more genorous, dry, fun, honest and welcoming bunch, either. And I am most definately Lancastrian in origin!  If you tell me he was Lancastrian, then  you just won the 'Wars of the Roses.! But we're both known for almost insulting honesty! However, I'm not sure it always matters where you stand, most people get s*****n on at least once in thier lives. The best of us wipe it off and move on. It often comes from the least expected direction! I've worked with horses for most of my life. Your Granda definitely did NOT mean equines of any sort!! You Know where you stand with them.

The notice I have on my door says 'Bad Day in Progress. Approach at your own Risk!' Well, you were forewarned, but mostly I'm ok, just too busy. Every day is a bad day if you expect tidy and organised. I have kids. But don't bother on PMT days! Even tidy could be bad for you! Especially interrupting garden time!

Funny my eldest helps with Santa Claus, but still believes in the Tooth Fairy. Might that last until he has run out of teeth?

A very good Austrian friend would often say "if my auntie had a pr**k she would be my uncle. There was another old Austrian saying that started "if cows shat butter" but I can't remember the punchline,

A Prunus Nigra was planted by me to his memory, which I thought was appropriate.

That should read Pinus, autofill correction not spotted.


Keyser Soze

When the In-laws were starting a family our children were very inquisitive as to what the sex of the new baby might be.

I used to say to them "We don't know if it's a boy or girl so I'm not sure if I'm going to be an Auntie or an Uncle"

They never twigged!

Keyser Soze

When our Daughter was little she would send a note to the tooth fairy with the tooth and put it under her pillow.

We had a right old time constructing replies to her from "the tooth fairy" and seeing the delight she had in receiving a response was priceless!


Keyser, my boys have a Tooth fairy purse each, that i Cross stichted, so I could find the tooth, and they could find the coin. It's murder trying to retrieve a tiny tooth from under the pillow of a rough or light sleeper without disturbing them. the purse helps.  But in this world of inflation, etc, I just hope the tooth fairy is getting value for money, now. WhenI was a kid, it was 20 p or so, 50 for a good tooth. Now £1.00 or more. But then, the castles must be better insulated, as with better dental health, they should not be having to make quite so many windows? Although they'll be getting less silver now. Or, do the tooth fairies not really exist anymore, due to the high levels of Mercury they had to handle in the older fillings? Or are there just a few left, and they they franchise out the job to any old fairy now, and just sit there getting fat on the profits? what jobs will always be there? Tooth Fairy, baby teeth will always be lost. Santa, as long as not all kids discover Amazon. Santa's days could be numbered. But I bet all kids would back a campaign to save Rudolph!

Let's face it, with Multi-denominational religious education in schools, God and Jesus have lost top spot with kids. And when did they leave money under the pillow in a quest to reap further teeth?

Santa, well, lots of kids now know that the list is sent via internet, as there are few viable chimneys left for the sending of the list or the receiving of the presents. Kids are not thick. They know we get thier presents ordered early and that Postman Pat can't get them all to Santa on time, and that in this age of banking and sexuality probs, Santa has had to lay off many of his elves.

So, us parents have to lie from time to time.' wait till your Father gets home' just won't cut the mustard in my family, as a wait of 20 yrs to never is no real kind of a threat, is it? But,' Just wait 'till the xbox live subscription is due' is a killer every time. Tidy your bedroom?  Done.Mum,can we use our pocket money to buy x for the xbox? It's 69p'  Is your rooom clean, have you turned on the washer, did you take the dog out and feed him? Hve you done your homework? Where is your wallet, have you hung up your coat and put your school shoes away? Did you empty your swimming bag, bring down the cups from your bedroom, put dirty socks n undies in wash basket, turn of computer and your stereo. Have you washed up,cooked te dinner and washed my backside?

All that for 69p for an upgrade on an educational game! Child labour?, Grooming, coercion. Bring it on! We moved to a rural area to avoid all this, it has back-fired, badly, in some ways, but in others has worked great for the boys. Thier friends now want to visit, to go in the woods and do 'boy' things. away from computers for hrs at a time. Is there a broadband or internet fairy or Gremlin, that any parent knows of? With a little hhistory and a believable story, other than that 'we're offline 'cos I've had new bank cards, and haven't had time to update them with Paypal, yet'. Truth obviously doesn't work, so what are the 'modern' lies for 6-12 yr olds?

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