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12/04/2014 at 08:09

Keyser, my boys have a Tooth fairy purse each, that i Cross stichted, so I could find the tooth, and they could find the coin. It's murder trying to retrieve a tiny tooth from under the pillow of a rough or light sleeper without disturbing them. the purse helps.  But in this world of inflation, etc, I just hope the tooth fairy is getting value for money, now. WhenI was a kid, it was 20 p or so, 50 for a good tooth. Now £1.00 or more. But then, the castles must be better insulated, as with better dental health, they should not be having to make quite so many windows? Although they'll be getting less silver now. Or, do the tooth fairies not really exist anymore, due to the high levels of Mercury they had to handle in the older fillings? Or are there just a few left, and they they franchise out the job to any old fairy now, and just sit there getting fat on the profits? what jobs will always be there? Tooth Fairy, baby teeth will always be lost. Santa, as long as not all kids discover Amazon. Santa's days could be numbered. But I bet all kids would back a campaign to save Rudolph!

Let's face it, with Multi-denominational religious education in schools, God and Jesus have lost top spot with kids. And when did they leave money under the pillow in a quest to reap further teeth?

Santa, well, lots of kids now know that the list is sent via internet, as there are few viable chimneys left for the sending of the list or the receiving of the presents. Kids are not thick. They know we get thier presents ordered early and that Postman Pat can't get them all to Santa on time, and that in this age of banking and sexuality probs, Santa has had to lay off many of his elves.

So, us parents have to lie from time to time.' wait till your Father gets home' just won't cut the mustard in my family, as a wait of 20 yrs to never is no real kind of a threat, is it? But,' Just wait 'till the xbox live subscription is due' is a killer every time. Tidy your bedroom?  Done.Mum,can we use our pocket money to buy x for the xbox? It's 69p'  Is your rooom clean, have you turned on the washer, did you take the dog out and feed him? Hve you done your homework? Where is your wallet, have you hung up your coat and put your school shoes away? Did you empty your swimming bag, bring down the cups from your bedroom, put dirty socks n undies in wash basket, turn of computer and your stereo. Have you washed up,cooked te dinner and washed my backside?

All that for 69p for an upgrade on an educational game! Child labour?, Grooming, coercion. Bring it on! We moved to a rural area to avoid all this, it has back-fired, badly, in some ways, but in others has worked great for the boys. Thier friends now want to visit, to go in the woods and do 'boy' things. away from computers for hrs at a time. Is there a broadband or internet fairy or Gremlin, that any parent knows of? With a little hhistory and a believable story, other than that 'we're offline 'cos I've had new bank cards, and haven't had time to update them with Paypal, yet'. Truth obviously doesn't work, so what are the 'modern' lies for 6-12 yr olds?

19/04/2014 at 11:56


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621 to 622 of 622 messages