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star gaze lily

Cat got your tongue?  (Have we had that one?)

As right as rain

Kef, I like billy no mates too

My mum and dad also said no such thing as 'can't', i can't sing either, usually mime if at weddings etc lol  


Bless your cotton socks.


That's the one KEF, I knew there was one about socks.

slap and tickle

ooo err missus

glass half empty (full)

happy go lucky

up a buttercup, down a daisy


Have we had


When the cats away the mice will play?


star gaze lily

Never heard of  up a buttercup Mrsg, what does that mean

star gaze lily

Oooh err smiley with xmas hats, bit early 

star gaze lily

Long in the tooth

Downin the mouth

Are we starting to repeatourselves lol


star gaze lily

Whats the one up something or other and down dale??

star gaze lily

All fingers and thumbs

The straw that broke the camels back

CluelessGardener wrote (see)

I'm really pleased you’re all enjoying this thread

my old man was crude use to wake me and my brother up in the mornings by bursting it to the bed room saying hand of #### and on to socks 

Clueless was your Dad / Grandad in the army? That apparantly was a wake up shout in the army.  "Hell's Bells".  I've got a Santa hat on.



Lily, we must be repeating ourselves but still fun eh?
Up a buttercup down a daisy , I think means oops a daisy.
Thought of a few more but need ' head in gear' which its not at the moment.
Oh my stars and garters.
Load of codswallop.
On the wagon.
Paint the town red.

Heavens to Murgatroyd...mean surprise!

Had to google this to spell it. Think I got it from Yoggi bear. Turns out to be from heavens to Betsy...USA. 

John I'll join you with that one


star gaze lily

Yes Mrsgarden loads of fun, who cares if it repeating on us lol

star gaze lily

If i'm not on here I think of another, then forget it when I go to write on here!!!! There must be a saying for that lol. Without being to rude he he he

star gaze lily

Where there's muck there's brass

Tough as old boots

Gift of the gab

Pull your socks up

Get a wriggle on

thought  I'd add something my nan says 

Like a cat on a hot tin roof


never really understood it to be honest



can't keep still

ant on your pants is another one