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Oh right thanks James, think it might have stopped being said in your generation

star gaze lily

Clueless  i'm sure we are way past 50, but this is great fun. It brings back lots of great memories as well as making you use your little grey cells


well over 50 but I don't care keep them coming 



and there's more...


a**e over T*** (sorreee)

head over heals


fishing for compliments

ankle biters


my place or yours

one man's ?????? is another man's castle --- need some help with that one please.



Shrinking Violet

One man's meat is another man's poison (I think - dunno about castles)

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride (alwiays liked that one)

We had to learn proverbs and similes at primary school - and were tested on them each week!  This thread sure brings back some memories!!!


Hope the memories are good ones, shrinking violet.

No, it's definately to do with acastle or palace, but same meaning.(pig sty comes to mind but sure it's not that, )


Apple a day keeps the Doctor away a onion a day keeps everyone away



oh, I know (I think) 'an Englishman's home is his castle'

'for crying out loud', why are we 'keeping up with the joneses'.

you're 'as sly as a fox' and 'run me ragged' in fact you 'run circles around me', 'a right rigmorole' and 'that said' i'm going to 'send you to coventry' unless you give me 'a helping hand'.

'You've got me wrapped around your little finger' 'it's a merry dance you lead' with your 'wise cracks' and stop telling me 'to let sleeping dogs lie'.

i know 'there's nowt so queer as folks' so stop being 'sly as a fox' and thats the 'end of story'.

Clueless - didnt know the onion one!


star gaze lily

Mrs G! Snigger snigger

Rug rats

Skating on thin ice

My heart bleeds

John Harding

John I'll join you with that one

"Drunk as a lord" ...

there is another version that refers to a newt!

John Harding

'evans above (Welsh steeplejack)

Die the death (Welsh undertaker)

"don't dance on my parade" or ' I'll cry crocodile tears' into ( not sure if im making this next one up) ' a well of tears'.
Heard so many tonight watching tv ( script writers must play this game all the time) but struggling to remember them now.
'play the game'
' game of cat and mouse"
'high and dry'
'evening all', im going to 'turn in now' just need a 'night cap'
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Mrsgarden you're on a roll!

Beggers can't be choosers

Hook, line and sinker

Under wraps

On the backfoot

star gaze lily

Don't shoot the messenger

Back you to the hilt

Matter of life or death


This silly quotes thread is 'doing my head in" - I 'eat, drink and sleep' silly quotes. Can't get enough, can't get a good nights sleep. If I've said it once I've said it a hundred times. Now don't make me say it again. I've told you once i'll not tell you again. I need my beauty sleep. Goodnight sweetheart.sweet dreams.dont let the bed bugs bite.
John - drunk as a skunk , in Yorkshire.
star gaze lily

Ha ha Mrsgarden , bless your heart, this is great fun. But my memory is annoying me, I keep thinking of them when i'm doing something else and then forget when I go to put them on here grrrr.

Nite nite MrsG, look forward to more of your quotes tomorrow 

Had a good nights sleep wrapped up like a bug in a rug, nice and snug. Well its off to work I go, you can bet your bottom dollar it'll be a hard days work. I'll earn my keep.but keep it between us.somones got to do it.rather you than me but no such luck.