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Not strictly gardening, but I will be putting home grown veg in it.

I bought a slow cooker today and then took it back as the lid did not fit snugly, to me it seems important if you are cooking a stew for 5 hours that the liquid should not evaporate due to an ill fitting lid. Was I right?


I've never used one but that sounds right


Don't think the lid on mine is airtight.  It just sort of rests on top.  You don't really see any steam because it is cooking so slow.  You just sort of get water drops on the inside of the lid.  The food doesn't actually bubble.


I wouldnt be without mine, its always in use. The lid does just sit there and when it starts to bubble the lid bobbles up and down, it makes no difference to the cooking.

You will need to practice with it, mine is a big family sized one and nothing ever takes as long as the recipes say, although mine has 2 heat settings and then a keep warm setting, so if you find your meal is cooked before you are ready, it just stays warm without overcooking.

You dont need to spend a fortune on these, mine cost about 17.00 from Argos, no brand name, and as I said, in use most days.

You can get some good books on ebay or Amazon.


Mine's not a snug fit either - it just rests on top - nothing evaporates. 

Make sure you only use a very little liquid in it when cooking veg as they give off their own liquid and as none of it evaporates the dish can get very soupy if you use the usual amount of liquid.

Love mine - wouldn't be without it.  Get lots of use out of it.



This lid actually rocked from side to side and I could see quite a large gap around part of the edge. I learnt recently that steam is invisible it is vapour that one sees.


Just balance the lid so it touches the sides of the bowl.


Thank you all for your advice.

I understood that it's the condensed liquid that forms the seal, so the lid has to be loose to allow this to happen. You mustn't lift the lid during the cooking time. I've got two, one large and one small, and they both have loose-fitting lids. Had a whole chicken done in the big one tonight - lovely and moist!

I put a layer of foil under my lid


Mine is on at the moment with a stew cooking. No, steam does not come out and there is no gapping between lid and bowl.  You just get some evaporation inside the lid . My lid sits into a groove on the bowl, it is not a really snug tight fit but I don't think it's supposed to be. I also put a folded tea towel on top of lid While its cooking.I'd also go for the largest one you can get . I didn't and I regret it now. All the above tips are correct. Iv even cooked puddings in it. 

I wouldn't be without mine 


love mine. Lid does wobble a bit but I usually am out of the house when I use it. Don't give up on it.

I love mine specially this time of year for stews, casseroles and I cook joints of meat and chicken in it.  The lid does bounce around when the heat gets up and it does splutter the surrounding area so I have to be careful where I put it but good bit of kit

I used to have a 6.5 litre slow cooker with the crockery pot inside and the lid never did fit snugly, but it still produced some delicious meals.I am looking to replace it now and have seen one by Morphy Richards called Sear & Stew. It has an extremely light pot, not like the heavy crockery one I used to have. You can put it straight onto the cooker to sear your meat first and then place inside the machine. The lid also fits snugly all the way around, so I am tempted to go with that one next. 

I anyone already owns this one I would be really interested to hear their opinion on it, thanks 

Pottie Pam

Hi Mike,

Hope you are feeling a bit better. I recently bought a halogen oven  and am still experimenting.  Scones and chops turned out well but still to do a roast in it.


Hi Mike  we have friends who use  two slow cookers, one for puds and the main meal for the other.they put everything in and leave it cooking through the day.nothing burns , boils dry in these slow cookers,everything is scrumptious that comes out of them

Sorry to hear you lost your wife.




I have just ordered the sear and stew on line, it is 3.5 litres as the recipe books seem to be for that size and that will do for 4 to 6 portions I expect.


Let us know how you get on with it artjak. I'm tempted especially if it can do curries


I'll let you know, I'll be experimenting next week when it arrives.

star gaze lily

I love my slow cooker, use it loads. Lid doesn't fit tight but doesn't bobble about either.  Agree with all of the above advice. Wouldn't be without mine. Its a gadget I actually use, rather than the others that take up cupboard space!!