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Was interested, but couldnt kill them, used to have a pet slug called bella!
Good luck with it tho, always enjoy reading your posts
Hi Edd

I saw this article and thought I might have a go, although so far I am using the excuse that I haven't got a bucket. A rather lame cover to feeling slightly squeamish about it, although I would happily use bought nematodes or drown them in beer : /

Hadn't thought about being systematic though and treating two beds as a proper test and compare. I have just brewed up some garlic spray to use so think I will 'test' that first and then try the slug death brew. Your post has prompted me to be more systematic and maybe also grow the same type of seedlings in each bed so I am comparing like with like.

Will report back if I do so : )
Victoria Sponge

Hmm. That's interesting.

I get along quite well with my gastropod collection though so I won't be farming any nemotodes for now - it might set something out of kilter.


Hi Victoria

I've never done very much before now as in our old garden we never had a real problem. But we now have an allotment and for the first time I can understand the need but determined to use organic only methods.
Victoria Sponge

Yes, ChrissieB, I can imagine veg growers will have to have some system in place...I don't mean to imply I can grow anything I like without getting chew marks/ things destroyed - that would be a fib- more that the 'pods and I have reached a shaky truce

"Check your traps daily and gather your slimy harvest into a jar. Once you have caught around 10 to 20 slugs..." Good grief! When the numbers I find on my nightly slug patrol got down to 20 'pods, I took that as a sign that my methods are working. I used to get 100 at a time, easily! (Duration of slug patrol is as long as I can hold out against the midges.) If it takes you several days to find 10 slugs, I'd say you don't have a slug problem.

A friend told me about breeding nematodes a few years ago - her method included chopping the slugs up - but I'm too squeamish to try it. I can just about cope with stamping on them, which I do. Apart from that, I try to encourage predators. There's a patch I leave unweeded where the frogs live (I thought about making a pond there, but as they've moved in anyway, I probably won't bother), I see more and more centipedes, and there were hundreds of beetle grubs in the leaf pile this spring. We even have a blackbird that wipes the slime off slugs before dispatching them.


Yes Zech - I know what you mean, I can get 10 - 20 slugs in a matter of minutes.  Edd I think I will have a go next week, and but I do not have two raised beds to add as a control.  I would have to judge it by how much the chomping of my dahlia and the pot of salvias eases off.  If that is good enough, then I'm happy to join the trial.


That's a really interesting (yet gruesome) idea! Perhaps when the vegetable garden is done I shall be joining you in this experiment Edd.

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