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I've got slug pellets containing metaldehyde.  Are these harmful to birds if the birds eat slugs that have ingested these pellets?  I would rather tolerate the slugs than harm the birds but would like to feed the slugs if possible!  Thanks, Mags

Can no-one tell me about what effect  this stuff metaldehyde has if  birds take it in via slugs?  Mags


Metaldehyde is dangerous to birds. I dont recommend putting it down.


I've just googled it.Surely there must be info on the packets/boxes they come in...

Glad I don't use them 


I think they're blue as it naturally discourages birds from eating them. 

Have any slug pellet users found lots of dead birds littering their gardens? I doubt it.

With several hundred hostas, I do use them very sparingly on occasions and my garden is full of birds. 


Thanks to all of you. It doesn't say anything about birds on the box.  On balance, I think I will not use them.  I will continue with a torch and a tub lined with plastic bag with salt in it that I can just tie up and drop in bin.  Thanks again. Mags

Put the poison in little groups and cover them with a slate propped against a brick. Very few pellets are required so put down very thinly.

I love birds and have been using slug pellets for years. Never found any dead birds in my garden. If you collect the snails and slugs early every morning the birds won't get a chance to eat them anyway. I collected 10 snails and 3slugs this morning. I don't really like killing things but when you have paid a lot of money to make the garden pretty its frustrating to see them all half eaten! 

A bit of lager in an empty water bottle sunk in ground is effective too..,.and at least they die drunk and happy😂


The slugs and snails shrivel very quickly after being poisoned, my birds don't touch them.


I'll continue to shun all the poisons available. By not killing anything for a great many years I seem to have achieved a balance of garden residents and suffer little damage 

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