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Last night about 2 hours after a heavy rain burst I went outside and my small front lawn was covered in small slugs,there must have been at least 150. I have never experienced this before,they were only small and appeared to be dead.The enigma is where did they come from,I have not experienced any particular problem with them,but so many!!!! They were all gone this morning,I presume the birds had eaten them.has anyone else ever had or seen this befor and if so,is there an explanation?

As. I am new to my I.Pad,can anyone advise me how to set photos with blogs.I took some of the slugs but do not know how to show them.

Victoria Sponge

Hi Pilgrim Pete,

there is a tree on your toolbar, second icon on the right, click this, then select, then choose existing if the photo is on your iPad, select from photo stream, then click upload then wait until the pic appears in the small window, then save.

Shout if there's any problems

Have clicked on the tree it doesn't say select,it says insert an image from your computer or an external site.It then says select a files to upload,I don't know what the file is.

Victoria Sponge

If the image is on your iPad, keep it on the your computer tab which it should be on by default then click select next to the empty box...


Victoria Sponge

Any joy, Pete?

You were on the right track 

I thought I had done it,but I clicked save and it appeared on my screen but now it's not there,I have uploaded it again ,this time I did not click save,it's still not appeared.

Victoria Sponge

Did the photo appear in the small window before you clicked save? And was it from photo stream, not camera roll? It should slowly appear on the forum page after clicking save...


You do sometimes have to wait a while .... 

Yes the photo appeared in the small window but it was from choose existing

Victoria Sponge

That's right.

In choose existing there should have been several albums: camera roll, photo stream and video and any others you have made. Photo stream works best as camera roll sometimes turns photos on their side or makes the outline of a box on the forum page after save is selected.

After save is selected the small box should disappear and the photo should unroll onto the forum page.

I might make a thread on a step by step guide as I know other people have problems too.

Good idea!it would certainly help me.

Victoria Sponge

I'm on the case

Also it might highlight where different versions of the iPad have different options. 


Returning to the slugs on the lawn - on damp mornings in late summer/early autumn we often find pairs of Arion Rufus, a large red slug, entwined on the lawn in connubial bliss.

 We leave them to it and they make they way back to wherever they came from - they're good guys - they eat the smaller slugs that eat our plants. 

 In flagrante delicto 


Can anybody advise me what summer flowers slugs won't eat? We have a cat so cannot put down slug pellets but they are literally chomping their way through our garden. It is so disheartening . Any ideas to get rid of the slugs and what plants to put in would be very wwll received. Thank you.

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