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Could anyone please advise me on planting Snowdrops in the Green.

What would be other members top 3 tips for getting good results.

Can I plant them (500) in the lawn under the grass or do I need to re-seed grass over them when the green has died down.

Thanks-from- a-new-member. 


You can plant them through grass Graham, make a slit and plant 3-5 in there and tread the soil back up to them gently.

They like a bit of deciduous shade, not total blazing sun.

and nice leafy soil with good drainage. This isn't always what you get under a lawn.

Personally I wouldn't put them in a lawn. They need splitting from time to time or they stop flowering. Also you have to wait til the leaves die back before you mow.


Would agree with everything Nut says. In my garden they seem to do best in moist soil in partial shade; although they do grow anywhere. Also I cant really see the point in all the fancy types when the plain nivalis is so beautiful.


You're right punkdoc. It's about collecting not gardening



I agree with Nut about not putting them in lawn when you think where they grow naturally on banks,under hedges and the base of trees in woodland.  I suppose if you have a huge lawn it might be nice to dedicate an area to bulbs starting with snowdrops followed by crocus then followed by small daffodils then allow it all to die down and cut it in June or thereabouts.  Each to our own.


I divided mine last year when 'in the green' & am pleased to  ote this week that they're popping up everywhere---front garden which gets morning sun & in my woodland path area which gets dappled shade. I'd keep them out of the lawn for same reasons as above folk have said. Good luck.


I really must split some of mine this year. I say that every year and rarely get more than one clump done. I've noticed several coming up blind.


Dug up one small clump last week, finally got round to doing something with them........over 100 bulbs.

I like the species rather than the multiplicity of forms. Things like G ikariae, and G woronovii and G elwesii. I would really like to get hold of some of the other species, but they get more and ore expensive, the rarer they are.

On Wednesday I ordered 500 snowdrops and 100 winter aconites for my new winter border from Naturescape. They arrived this morning, but it's horrible weather and I've got a nasty cough so not going to get them planted today. They are in plastic bags in bundles of 100. The weather looks better on Sunday, and I'm expecting some gardening help next Wednesday (but forecast is bad at the moment...). What's my best plan? 

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Are they in the green landgirl?

If not, then apparently (I've been told by more experienced people on here!) that they dry out out very quickly and they may need soaking before planting out, unless you're doing it straightaway.

If I'm not 100% accurate, I'm sure someone will soon correct me 


Hope you get better soon!

Yes, in the green, some with flowers on. All I can think of to keep them going for a few days is to put them in deep seed trays and cover with compost.


In my last garden we had thousands of snowdrops along the front boundary fence. It was  wet ground which never dried out at all, so if you can get them in moist soil of some sort I think they'll be fine. With that amount you can stand a few casualties. That said, they're also quite forgiving - my sister gave me a couple of small pots of snowdrops this summer which are coming through perfectly. They had been in those tiny pots and very neglected for about a year!


I think they'll be fine as they are, somewhere cool  for a few days


Tear open the plastic bags and put them out on a patio or hard path where the rain will get at them.  I have done several times with hundreds of bulbs.  Some that came early January were not planted till late February and were fine.  as long as they have the rain the food is all in the bulb.

My first 'new' snowdrops out today!! Planted them 'in the green' under my apple trees after flowering last year. Seem really happy.


Wow 500 snowdrops---you really are ambitious. I'm sure they'll be fine---enjoy & get better soon.

You'd be amazed at how few 500 look - just five small bags. I don't think they'll go very far. Somehow I didn't expect them to come so quickly, I thought they would wait until after flowering.


I had 500 some years ago. They didn't look much but they took ages to plant.

I bet they did, I remember from the last lot which was 15 years ago. Well worth the effort though, they come through every year without fail and have increased steadily. Love 'em to bits!

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My first few have just come out today! Wish I had space for 50, never mind 500!